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Microsoft Releases New Xbox One Dashboard Experience

The Xbox One has received a new dashboard in general release today, including a focus on putting frequently used games upfront.

Samsung Reveals Xbox (Possibly xCloud) Partnership with Microsoft On New Galaxy S20

Samsung and Microsoft have expanded their partnership. At the Galaxy S20 launch, Samsung said it is working on cloud gaming with the Xbox team.

Windows 10 20H2 Update Introduces vNext Preview

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Preview build 19536, a release that is for the Windows 10 20H2 preview branch.

Rumor: Xbox Lockhart All-Digital Console is Still Alive

It seems the Xbox Lockhart consoles is still in development and will launch as a less powerful all-digital alternative to Xbox Scarlett.

Microsoft Debuts Xbox Console Streaming on Android

Xbox Console Streaming allows users to locally stream their Xbox One games to an Android device. The service is different to Project xCloud.

Microsoft Is Experimenting with Further Xbox One Dashboard Designs

Microsoft is playing around with various layouts for its Xbox Dashboard, with three groups of testers receiving slightly different versions of the home screen.

Microsoft Opens xCloud Preview to More after Successful Testing

xCloud is now available to more users as further waves of preview invites hit people's inboxes. The company will continue to bring the service to more UK, US, and Korean users over time.

Xbox Live Gets a Content Filter Slider to Cut out Toxicity

Xbox Live's new filtering system will let you decide what content to cut out, with four adjustable levels to suit your preferences.

Microsoft Opens Registrations for Project xCloud Preview

Microsoft is preparing a Project xCloud preview that will be available on Android and will arrive on devices in October.

Microsoft Removes Cortana From Xbox One Dashboard

A new Xbox One preview has removed Cortana from the console’s dashboard and all but ended all integration with the virtual assistant.

Windows 10 20H1 (Build 18932) Preview Gains Eye Control Improvements

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18932 with Eye Control, Your Phone, and Notification upgrades.

Xbox Live Messaging on Windows 10 Getting Overhaul This Week

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Live Messaging service on Windows 10 will be getting an upgrade this week, including the Message Request feature.

Report: Microsoft to Offer Insiders Xbox Game Pass and Gold Package for Just $1

Microsoft will be offering its $15 Game Pass and Xbox Live bundle to Insiders for $1 a month until its release. The service will finally simplify the subscription process.

Metro Exodus Embraces Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support

4A Games has taken advantage of the Xbox One’s mouse and keyboard support for an Metro Exodus update on the console.

New Microsoft Game Stack Bundles Project xCloud Tools into One Package

Microsoft is continuing to prepare for the launch of Project xCloud with Microsoft Game Stack, which gives developers relevant game-focused cloud services.

Crackdown 3 Technical Preview Coming to Xbox Insiders Tomorrow

Microsoft is launching a preview of Crackdown 3. Xbox Insiders can test Wrecking Zone, an Azure-powered multiplayer mode.

Xbox Insider Hub Update Enables Easy Account and Data Deletion

An Xbox Insider Hub update increases privacy by letting users delete their account and all of its data. The change is a step towards GDPR compliance.

YouTube App Update Arrives on Xbox One with Aesthetic Tweaks

Google has updated its YouTube experience for the Xbox One, making some user interface changes to modernize the app.

PUBG Launches for Free on Xbox One, PS4 Version Due Next Month

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now available in full release on Xbox One and can be downloaded for free.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support Gains Traction for Insiders

Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One can now be tested on the Insider, but only on the free-to-play Warframe video game.