There has been plenty of confusion surrounding Microsoft’s support for Android Apps on Windows 11. At first it seemed the feature would land with the launch of Windows 11 on October 5. Microsoft soon nixed that notion, although a Windows Subsystem for Android page for the Microsoft Store was discovered on preview builds.

One of the most interesting aspects of that page was a suggesting Android apps would also work on Xbox. In a statement to Windows Central, Microsoft has now said Windows Subsystem for Android does not support Xbox consoles.

Android app support via the Amazon Marketplace on the new Microsoft Store is one of the big new features of Windows 11. When the feature was confirmed to not be launching with the platform, many worried this was another in a long line of blockbuster features Microsoft announces and then ditches.

Coming This Year

That does not seem to be the case with Microsoft still focusing on bringing Android apps to Windows. It is Microsoft’s latest effort to reduce the app gap. However, it is worth noting Amazon’s app store has significantly less apps than the Google Play Store (not least, Google apps).

“People will be able to discover Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon Appstore – imagine recording and posting a video from TikTok or using Khan Academy Kids for virtual learning right from your PC. We’ll have more to share about this experience in the coming months. We look forward to this partnership with Amazon and Intel using their Intel Bridge technology,” Microsoft says.

Unlike Your Phone, that allows you to stream your Android phone to PC, app support will not rely on another device. Apps will be downloadable and usable directly within Windows without a third-party emulator.

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