Xbox Cloud Gaming, or Project xCloud, will come to Apple’s iOS next year, while also making its debut on PC. That’s what Microsoft is saying in an official blog post this week. Support on iOS is especially interesting considering problems Microsoft is having with Apple’s App Store practices.

Both iOS and PC versions of Project xCloud will be delivered through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Game Pass is Microsoft’s game subscription service. It provides access to a catalog of titles, some that rotate off the service from time to time. Although, all Microsoft Game Studios titles are constants on Game Pass.

The Ultimate package of Game Pass is already a solid package, but it looks even better with Project xCloud in tow. Also known as Xbox Cloud Gaming, xCloud it Microsoft’s cloud streaming game service. It allows users to play Xbox games on any device and platform.

Because Microsoft Azure handles the resources, these titles can run on mobile phones and even smart TV. We have also seen evidence of the service being compatible with smart home devices, such as a fridge.

Bypassing the App Store

It is no surprise at all to see Project xCloud make its way to PC. Support on iOS is more surprising. Microsoft tested the service on Apple’s platform for much of this year. However, just before the launch of xCloud on Android, Microsoft pulled the plug on its iOS preview.

Microsoft was running xCloud in preview on the platform, but removed the app in August. The company feels Apple’s strict revenue rules make xCloud impossible on the App Store. We previously reported Microsoft could instead deliver the service to iOS users through a web browser version.

It seems this is the direction Microsoft will take, bypassing Apple’s strict revenue rules.