Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox One April update (build 19041.1927). For Windows 10 users, this update is important because it is the precursor to the Windows 10 May 2020 Update 20H1 (version 2004).

In other words, Xbox One April update is the version of Windows 10 20H1 for Microsoft’s console. That explains why this Xbox One release has been in preview since September. Monthly updates for the Xbox usually start previewing closer to the full release.

Either way, the reason for that longer preview period is because Windows 10 20H1 adds plenty of new features to the Xbox One. That also means it weighs in at a hefty 850MB.

Perhaps the biggest new addition is a “Surprise Me!” button. With this feature you will be presented with a random game from your library. You can set the search criteria, so games offered are something you’re likely to want to see.

Mixer Update

With Xbox One April update, Microsoft is continuing its push to improve Mixer. Specifically, the update introduces the ability to see subscriber badges and emotes within the chat. Furthermore, Microsoft points out “your Ember messages also get the flare they deserve.”

Mixer users can also tap directly into settings by pressing the menu button on the Xbox One controller.

In terms of the console system, Microsoft has tweaked the Guide section. It is now more efficient with a default tab now located first on the tab list. Elsewhere, the messaging, invites, and party tabs have been merged into a single tab. Because of these changes, there are now five tabs in the Guide.

If you want to check out the Xbox One April update, you can get it through the Settings app. Alternatively, the update will arrive automatically at some point.