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Google Assistant Wins Smart Speaker IQ Test as Cortana Trails Behind

Cortana has trailed Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri in most scenarios, especially in retail, where it was only able to perform 31% of questions.

Microsoft Separates Cortana and Search on Windows 10

In a recent Windows 10 19H1 update, Microsoft split Cortana and Search, potentially pointing towards Cortana’s continued shift to behind the scenes.

Microsoft Cortana Now Picks Up Separate Voices on Xbox One

A new feature allowing Microsoft Cortana to distinguish between voices has been added to the Xbox One through Xbox Skill.

Microsoft To-Do Gains Cortana Integration in Preview

Cortana is coming to Microsoft To-Do and is currently available as a preview to a limited selection of Windows Insider members.

Cortana 3.0 for iOS Arrives on App Store with New Design

The latest full release of Cortana on iPhones and iPads has brought a new user interface experience and some improvements across features.

Microsoft’s Cortana Chief Departs the Company

Javier Soltero, the recently appointed head of Cortana, has decided to leave Microsoft after helping Outlook modernize in recent years.

Reports: Cortana Development to Get a New Home under Microsoft Office Team

Microsoft is having another reshuffling, moving several projects from its AI + Research division to its product-focused Experiences & Devices. Among them is reportedly Cortana, who will be repositioned.

Microsoft Debuts Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise at Ignite

Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise is Microsoft taking a further step towards Cortana being an enterprise-focused solution.

Microsoft Axes Cortana Package Tracking in Favor of Outlook Integration

Cortana will no longer feature a dedicated hub for package tracking as Microsoft shifts her focus towards productivity. However, users will still receive package notifications.

Cortana and Alexa Brings Expanded Commands to Gamers Via Xbox Skill

The recent Cortana and Alexa partnership has extended to Xbox with the new Xbox Skill feature, which bring more voice control to gamers.

Microsoft Cortana for Windows 10 Updated with New UI Options

A behind the scenes update for Cortana has changed the UI of the assistant, adding more search options and direct links to Windows 10 services.

Microsoft Launcher Beta Gets Cortana Text Message Dictation and Calendar Improvements

Microsoft Launcher continues to improve with UI and animation enhancements, Cortana additions, and calendar tweaks.

First Look at Cortana on the Amazon Echo Spot Reveals a Slow but Pretty...

Microsoft and Amazon's long-awaited collaboration has arrived, but the preview reveals a fairly slow experience on the Echo Spot.

Johnson Controls’ Cortana Thermostat to Launch This Month with Alexa and Google Assistant Support

Johnson Controls' GLAS smart thermostat is no longer a Cortana-exclusive device, pairing with Amazon Echo for Alexa and implementing Google Assistant integration.

Microsoft and Amazon Finally Launch Cortana and Alexa Integration

A year after announcing a collaboration between Cortana and Alexa, Microsoft has finally launched a preview of the integration.

Microsoft Is Trying to Get Users to Utlilize Cortana Away from the PC

A Microsoft executive suggests the company has concrete plans to push Cortana outside of Windows 10, with mentions of vehicle integration.

Microsoft Cortana Gets Half of Questions Wrong in IQ Test as Google and Apple...

Cortana was worse than Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, failing to answer 48% of questions correctly, while Apple, Google, and Amazon all performed well.

Microsoft Launcher 4.11 Gets Widespread Release with UI Tweaks and Multi-Turn Cortana SMS

Microsoft Launcher 4.11 refines the app further, bringing more features for parents and improvements to Edge, Cortana, and more. The features were previously available to beta users.

Microsoft Launcher for Android Beta Gets UI Improvements, Cortana Features, and More

Microsoft Launcher for Android has received a number of improvements aimed at families, article readers and Cortana uses, as well as some visual customizations.
Cortana Skills Kit preview could be coming soon

Microsoft Cortana Wanted by Businesses After Consumer Failure

While Microsoft Cortana is no longer being pushed towards personal use, a survey from Pindrop suggests Microsoft’s plan to drive the assistant in enterprise could pay off.

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