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Microsoft Contractors Earn Measly Wage for Transcribing Cortana

Microsoft has admitted its contractors listen to Cortana user commands, and it seems the company does not pay much for the role.
Skype Preview Translator Microsoft

Microsoft Admits That Humans May Listen to Your Skype Calls and Cortana Questions

Changes to Microsoft's privacy policies admit that human contractors sometimes review Skype Translator calls and Cortana requests.

Microsoft Updates Privacy Policy to Confirm Humans are Listening to Cortana Conversations

Microsoft has confirmed that it uses human contractors to listen to users on Cortana and Skype Translator, and will continue to do so.

Cortana’s Only Thermostat Ditches Her for Alexa and Google Assistant

As Cortana moves towards the enterprise, Johnson has removed Cortana from its Microsoft-partnered thermostat. Users will have to use Google Assistant or Alexa to retain functionality.

Report: Cortana/Skype Conversations are Not Private as Microsoft Contractors Listen In

Microsoft is allowing its contractors to listen to private conversations on Skype and Cortana, a practice other tech companies are halting.
Hey Cortana Spying on Windows Phone Users

Microsoft Patent Points to a More Emotional Cortana

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent suggest Cortana will get better at remembering conversations and will offer more emotion-based responses.

Microsoft’s New Windows 10 20H1 Preview Adds Cortana App

Windows 10 20H1 preview build 18945 is now available to Insiders on the Fast Ring, also making improvements to WSL.

Microsoft Launchers 5.7 Beta Adds New Cortana to Android

Microsoft Launcher on Android now has the new Cortana experience that recently debuted on the Microsoft Store for Windows.

Microsoft Removes Cortana From Xbox One Dashboard

A new Xbox One preview has removed Cortana from the console’s dashboard and all but ended all integration with the virtual assistant.

Microsoft’s UWP Cortana Beta App Arrives on Microsoft Store

Cortana is now available as a Microsoft Store application, although it is currently in preview and limited to Windows Insiders.

Windows 10 20H1 Gains New Cortana Beta UWP App

Microsoft has released a new Cortana Beta app for Windows 10 20H1, a UWP app that features the UI from Android and iOS.

Build 2019: Cortana’s Future Will Be Context-Driven Enterprise Integrations

Cortana will be making appearances throughout the enterprise with a context-driven approach that should simplify routines and tie in with its business-driven software.
Cortana in Skype

Microsoft Removes Cortana Bot from Skype

Continuing a general step away from bots, Skype has removed the Cortana bot just as Microsoft starts promoting Alexia on Skype.

Microsoft Patent Wants Cortana to Play Nice with Other Apps

A new Microsoft Patent focused on Cortana wants native voice to be accessible to third-parties, allowing a universal voice command across apps.

Microsoft Cortana Beefs Up Smart Home Capabilities

Cortana has gained Rules and Scenes, two new features that give Microsoft’s assistant more power in a smart home environment.

After Alexa, Microsoft Wants to Integrate Cortana and Google Assistant

Satya Nadella has been frank about Microsoft's plans for Cortana, announcing that it will no longer be trying to compete with Amazon, Google, and Apple. Instead, it wants the assistant to take a background role.

Microsoft Confirms Cortana and Search Windows 10 Split

Cortana and Search will no longer be integrated with each other on Windows 10. Microsoft will make the change through Windows 10 19H1.

Cortana Device Setup App Gets Support for Surface Headphones

The Cortana Device Setup app now lets users optimize their Surface Headphones for Cortana use, as well as adjust equalizer settings and view serial numbers.

Microsoft Mutes Cortana during Windows 10 Enterprise and Pro Setup

Voice-enabled Cortana setup will be disabled in Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro, and Education by default, reducing the annoyance when setting up multiple PCs at once.

Microsoft Employee Copies Viral “Home Alone” Google Assistant Ad with Cortana

Google Assistant might be able to help Kevin McAllister survive the Wet Bandits, but Cortana can organize your productivity output.

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