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Microsoft Cortana Gets Half of Questions Wrong in IQ Test as Google and Apple Perform

Cortana was worse than Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, failing to answer 48% of questions correctly, while Apple, Google, and Amazon all performed well.


Over the last year, has taken its foot off the gas in terms of development. In fact, the virtual assistant is no longer viewed as a consumer feature and is oriented towards enterprise these days. We have become used to Cortana losing ground on Amazon's Alexa, but a new report suggest 's Siri is also besting Microsoft's tool.

Well, besting it in one key area at least. Loup Ventures, the investment firm run by known analyst Gene Munster conducted a virtual assistant IQ test amongst the leading industry candidates. Involved in the test were Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and .

Assistant was victorious, answering 86% of the 800 questions correctly. Maybe that's not a surprise considering Assistant is widely regarded. However, Siri's performance is perhaps more of note. Apple's assistant got the better of both Cortana and Alexa.

Amazon's Alexa is in many ways the market-leading assistant considering how the company has embraced smart home with its Echo speakers. Siri has received less attention as its rivals in terms of capabilities.

As can be seen in the chart above, Siri answered 78.5% of the 800 questions correctly. Alexa was much less accurate with 61.4% correct. As for Cortana, Microsoft many be worried to see she answered just 52.4% of the questions correctly. This means Cortana is likely to get around half of all questions asked to her wrong.

“Both the voice recognition and natural processing of across the board has improved to the point where, within reason, they will understand everything you say to them,” says the team at Loup Ventures.

Cortana Changes

This year has seen a lot of changes to Microsoft's service. The company seemed to be giving its tool a cold shoulder towards the end of 2017. What followed was a surprise as Microsoft and Amazon announced a partnership integration between Alexa and Cortana.

However, this deal has failed to materialize in any meaningful way for Microsoft, although it did allow Amazon to get Alexa onto some Windows machines. While many speculated this would be the end of Cortana, Microsoft insisted on the contrary.

Still, the company changed its trajectory with the assistant and is working on making it an enterprise focused service.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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