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Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Reports: Windows Core OS Integrating with Andromeda for 2019 Release

Over recent months, Microsoft has detailed Windows Core OS security features and launched the first apps on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Virtual Academy Shuttering in 2019, Replaced by Microsoft Learn

Microsoft says it will phase out the Microsoft Virtual Academy during 2019 as Microsoft Learn becomes replacement learning resource.

PowerPoint to Receive AI-Powered Real-Time Captions in January

Microsoft is expanding the AI capabilities of PowerPoint with real-time captions and subtitle features arriving early in 2019.

Microsoft Names Zyrobotics as First AI for Accessibility Grantee

Atlanta-based Zyrobotics is working with Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility project to develop accessibility software.

Microsoft’s TextWorld Generates Text-Based Games to Test AI Models

TextWorld is a text-based game generator that tests artificial intelligence under conditions that call for human-level thinking and problem solving.
satya nadella flickr

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Discusses Getting the Company’s Soul Back

Three years after becoming CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella says he wants to make the company people’s passion as he looks to a future driven by AI.

DeepL: New Supercomputer-Powered Translator Beats Google and Microsoft

DeepL Translator has been met with a positive reception by critics, who prefer it's translations three times as much as Google or Microsoft. The results are thanks to the company's 5.1 Petaflop supercomputer and breakthroughs in neural net architecture.
Office Lens official Microsoft

Microsoft Updates Office Lens on Android with “Top Requested Feature”

Office Lens on Android now lets users scan multiple images and save them to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. Microsoft also announced premium features for free accounts.

Microsoft Word Preview Gets Customizable ‘Read Aloud’ Feature for the Dyslexic

Read Aloud speaks the text in Word documents at a customizable pace, highlighting words as it goes and reacting to edits in real time. It will be generally available later this year.

Microsoft Kicks off Fourth Annual Hackathon to Address Accessibility Challenges

The //oneweek hackathon will run over a three day period and let employees from across the globe come up with technological solutions to accessibility problems. It will end with a Science Fair an an Expo, which gives a peek at upcoming Microsoft products.

Microsoft Research Shows Embedded AI on Bread-Crumb Sized Processor

With the breakthrough, Microsoft Research says AI will be more democratized as it can be embedded onto all sorts of devices.

Microsoft Brings Full Immersive Reading Support to OneNote

Windows 10 Immersive Reading is making the jump from OneNote Online to the wider OneNote app across Office 365. Microsoft has also introduced more language support for accessibility features.

Microsoft Details Upcoming Accessibility Tweaks for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The company will introduce new features to Magnifier, Narrator, and more, including AI assisted image descriptions. The features will launch with the Windows 10 Fall Creators update in September.

Principal Design Director Kat Holmes Leaving Microsoft to ‘Start a New Adventure’

Holmes was instrumental in the design of Cortana and pioneered Microsoft's inclusive design strategy that is present in many of its newer products. She leaves the company with 'a full heart'.

11 Week Microsoft OneNote Study Suggests Major Benefits for Dyslexic Children

The OneNote study found that 16 out of 18 children exhibited better behavior, while eleven benefitted from increased reading comprehension. Microsoft UK hopes to launch further trials to test the functionality thoroughly.
Office Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Office 2016 Insider Preview January Update

The January Update of the Office Insider Preview brings Slow Ring users to version 1701 (Build 7766.2039).
Excel Acessibility Option Microsoft

Microsoft Announces Office 365 Accessibility Updates

Coming this quarter to Microsoft Office 365 is the accessibility tracker for Office on Mac, Export as tagged PDF functionality, high contrast mode changes and more.
Block Momentum Microsoft Official

CNTK 1.5: Microsoft Announces Language and Feature Enhancements for Its AI Toolkit

With CNTK 1.5, Microsoft is bringing a parallel processing technique called Block Momentum that improves scalability across multiple GPUs and machines, while maintaining accuracy....
Yahoo disability logo Accessibility project e

Software Accessibility: Microsoft Shares Plans on Supporting People with Disabilities

After hearing out suggestions from users on its Accessibility Feedback Platform, Microsoft has rolled out its plans to ensure their products are more accessible to people with disabilities.
Microsoft CNTK vs Theano vs Tensorflow vx Torch vs Caffe official Microsoft

Microsoft challenges Google by open-sourcing its artificial intelligence software

Microsoft has released CNTK – its open-source deep learning AI toolkit on Github, keeping up with Google, who open-sourced its very own artificial intelligence engine TensorFlow last year.

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