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Microsoft Working on New Windows 10 20H1 Physical Keyboard Recommendations

Windows 10 20H1 will feature a prediction system for physical keyboards, similar to Gmail’s Smart Compose team.


Microsoft already has predictive typing tools for digital keyboards, but the company is reportedly working on bringing similar technology to physical boards. The predictive typing feature is a part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 20H1 preview development.

Albacore reports the physical predictive typing tool will be baked into the new Windows 10 upgrade scheduled for release in May 2020.

Windows 10 currently shows physical keyboard text suggestions in three suggestions above the typed word. The new system will generate suggestions on the move as a sentence is being typed. This is similar to how Gmail’s Smart Compose tool works.

Albacore says the feature will functions across Microsoft’s own Windows 10 apps and third-party service.

As we have previously reported, Microsoft also has plans for its SwiftKey digital keyboard service through Windows 10 20H1. Typing intelligence on SwiftKey has been expanded to include 39 new languages.

For users running Windows 10 and SwiftKey in those languages, this change means typing accuracy and autocorrect suggestions will be improved. Through machine learning tools, the keyboard will surface more accurate predictions when a user starts typing.

20H1 Update Control

Last week we discussed a new feature in Windows 10 20H1 that lets users control the amount of bandwidth they use for Windows updates.

Called Absolute Bandwidth, the feature lets Windows users select exactly how fast Windows Update downloads. By selecting the option, users can limit the bandwidth used by Windows Update to download updates.

Granular support allows users to choose exact speed in megabits per seconds when downloading new Windows 10 updates.

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