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Learning Tools’ Immersive Reader Gets Translation, Line Focus in Word, and More

Learning Tools has received several major improvements across Word and OneNote online and desktop, integrating translation capabilities, new reading modes, and more.

Microsoft Brings Learning Tools to Word Online and OneNote Online

Following its launch last year and expansion to Office 365, Microsoft is again rolling out Learning Tools to more services. Along with Word Online and OneNote Online support, the tool is now available in more languages.

Microsoft Integrates Learning Tools in Office Online

Microsoft's Learning Tools will expand to Word Online and Desktop, as well as Office Lens and OneNote Online.

Microsoft Officially Releases OneNote Learning Tools, Extra Language and Theme Support

One Note Learning Tools official release comes with some major features, including a greatly expanded language pool, support for different reading enabling themes, and a simple download process.

Is Windows the Right Fit for Your Learning Environment

Today, the majority of schools are using Windows as the OS for their classroom activities. And no wonder why! Windows is extremely beneficial for...

Build 2021: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Managed Endpoints Arrives

Also at Build 2021, Microsoft said Azure Machine Learning now also gets PyTorch Enterprise support for the first time.

Remote Learning with Apps and Content from Microsoft Partners

The Microsoft Partner Network is a collective name denoting people, applications, resources, and content that have successful solutions in mind. During the pandemic, remote...

Microsoft Launches Viva Learning in Public Preview

Viva Learning is a new central hub for organization-wide learning that is part of Microsoft’s new Viva employee experience.

Microsoft Expands Digital Skills Learning Initiative Through 2021

Microsoft says it’s Digital Skills Learning initiative is coming to more people during this year, after more than 30 million have already used the project.

Microsoft Edge August Updates Include New Tools for Immersive Reader and Collections

In a new blog series, Microsoft discusses new features that came to Microsoft Edge this month, also including an update for the PDF reader.

Microsoft Announces Azure Machine Learning Courses on Udacity

Microsoft and Udacity are offering an introductory Azure Machine Learning course and a scholarship to a more complex course.

Microsoft Details SQL Server 2019 Machine Learning Improvements

Microsoft says SQL Server 2019 now has deeper abilities for training machine learning models and more integration with Python and R.

Microsoft Learn Debuts Dynamics 365 Business Central e-learning Modules

Users of Business Central can now find e-learning modules on Microsoft Learn that detail how to use the application.

Microsoft Updates Azure Video Indexer with New Preview Tools

Azure Media Services Video Indexer now supports multilingual detection and transcription, alongside animated character recognition.

Azure Cognitive Services: Microsoft’s Custom Vision and Anomaly Detector Tools Reach General Availability

With the Cognitive Services tools, developers can quickly detect strange events and or use AI vision to accurately detect objects and other imagery.

Microsoft Releases Azure Machine Learning and Updates IoT Edge Services

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Machine Learning and rolled out Azure Stream Analytics.

Micrososft to Share AI Tools with Four Chinese Universities for Market Foothold

Microsoft will bring its AI tools and datasets to four of China's top universities to foster innovation. The move may let it establish a foothold in the local market, but it has significant competition.

Microsoft Releases ML.NET, a Proven Cross-Platform Machine Learning Framework

ML.NET looks to bring machine learning to developers with no prior experience, supporting scenarios like categorization and regression. The open-source framework also plans to support TensorFlow, CNTK, and more.

Azure Machine Learning AI Drives Program to Engage School Dropouts

A local Indian government has used Azure Machine Learning to identify school drops outs in the region and why they decided to leave education.

Visual Studio 2017 Preview Gets Debugging Tools and Extended Xamarin Support

An extensive Visual Studio 2017 Preview release has added numerous new features, also including python additions and changes to C++.