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Major Skype for Web Update Brings HD Video Calling, Call Recording, and More

The Skype for Web preview puts its much closer to its desktop counterparts, introducing a number of useful features and HD video calling.

Snapchat Conquers Skype With Virtual Snap Camera for Windows 10 and MacOS

Snap has made a major move towards desktop users on third-party services with Snap Camera, an app that brings filters and lenses to Skype, YouTube, and Twitch.

Microsoft Releases Office 2019 Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, and Project Servers

Microsoft's Office 2019 Server products are now available to all, though Exchange users will need a copy of the now recalled Windows Server 2019.

Skype’s Paypal Money Sharing Rolls out to All Windows 10 Users

Skype for Windows 10 users can now send and receive money to friends across the globe in a new preview. Unfortunately, it comes with a few caveats, including Paypal's fees.

Skype Gains Spotify Integration Through New Add-in

Skype Insiders are now testing a Spotify add-in that lets users search and share songs directly in a chat window.

WhatsApp Squares up to Skype with Group Voice and Video Call Support

WhatsApp now supports 4-person group video with end-to-end encryption, position it as a valid alternative to Skype for non-business users.

Skype to Add Content Creators Mode for Easy Recording of Calls

Microsoft will debut a call recording feature for Skype that is behind a new “Content Creators” mode for Windows 10 PC and Mac.
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Microsoft to Disable Skype’s Facebook Sign-in Feature

Those using Skype's Facebook login feature will have to migrate to a Microsoft account come January, transferring contacts and Credit. Microsoft says its an effort to streamline the login experience.
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Chinese Censors Kick Skype out off App Stores For “Failing to Comply with Local...

Skype has been removed from app stores following a crackdown on foreign apps. Paying subscribers have been unable to download it to access the service.

Microsoft Announces Skype Professional Account to Streamline Meetings, Notes, and Payments

Skype Professional Account streamlines video calls, meetings, and payments for businesses, and will become available a separate desktop client. The app is now in limited preview.

Skype Draws Inspiration from Snapchat with New Photo Effects

Photo effects are available in the Highlights feature on the new Skype experience, giving users easy access to effects filters post-photo.

Skype for Android has Passed One Billion Downloads

The important Skype for Android milestone does not put the app past WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, although it shows users are looking past the recent update.
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Skype and WhatsApp Ban Lifted in Saudi Arabia, but Only Under Mysterious Censorship

Saudi Arabia has lifted its ban on app communication services like Skype. However, the country says it will monitor and censor the apps under new regulations.

Facebook Continues WhatsApp Enterprise Focus with Free Business Accounts

While WhatsApp Business accounts are another step towards the workplace chat market, the new addition is also another step towards Facebook monetizing its messaging service.

Interview: Microsoft´s Paul Stubbs on Current Bot-Offerings with Azure, Skype, Cortana, Voice Recognition and...

Paul Stubbs, Director of Product Marketing AI & Bots at Microsoft, shares his insight into creating Microsoft-based bots with the currently available tools and services from the company.

Microsoft Officially Debuts Kaizala Business Chat Solution in India

After a successful testing phase, Kaizala is now fully available in a standard and Pro version. The app stands apart from other enterprise messaging services as being only mobile and workable on 2G connectivity networks.
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Microsoft 2017 Layoffs Confirmed, 3,000 Jobs Cut from Sales Business

Microsoft 2017 layoffs will include 3,000 employees leaving from the sales and marketing business. The announcement comes as part of the company’s restructuring of sales towards the cloud.

Microsoft Delivers Biggest Skype Update in 10 Years and Hits Snapchat and Messenger Head...

Skype now feels like a new service thanks to an almost complete overhaul that ranges from modern design, intuitive controls, increased bot support, and a new Stories-like feature called Highlights.

Skype Is the Leading Messaging Platform Amongst Cybercriminals

A new study from Flashpoint shows that Skype is the communication platform of choice for the world’s cyber underworld. It is particularly popular amongst Russian and English communities.

Microsoft Opens Registrations for Windows Insider Program for Business (WIP4Biz)

Announced in February, the Windows Insider Program for Business lets organizations help Microsoft improve services and solve issues quickly. Customers can register to the program through Azure AD corporate credentials.

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