Microsoft’s Skype Interviews app is off the ground and it’s now focusing on addressing needs in other areas. To provide even more value to businesses, it has announced the Skype Professional Account.

In typical Microsoft fashion, the naming here is a bit confusing. Skype Professional Account isn’t simply a different user for the regular Skype, but a whole new desktop client. The idea is to aid those who do business online.

In particular, it targets those who utilize video calls to do so, such as language tutors, music instructors, personal trainers, and more. Currently, those people have to make choice of a variety of different software to manage their occupation, from calendar programs to hour trackers, and more.

Streamlined Features

Essentially, Skype Professional lets you do all of that from one place, and the preview is free. With the ability to book lessons, accept payments, and set up a website inside of Skype, it’s looking very promising.

Importantly, these features also streamline together, something that wasn’t always possible with third parties. When you send a payment request, for example, you can also send a booking.

It seems that rather than adding all their clients again, businesses will also be able to port their clients over to the new app. Clients, of course, will continue to use the regular Skype as usual.

It sounds like a win-win, but unfortunately, places in the preview are limited. You must fill out a survey on to get a chance of participation, and there’s a good chance it will become a paid service on its full release.

Even so, it could be worth it for many. Violinist Laurel Thomsen has already sung its praises, stating:

“I was spending a lot of time after the lessons taking and organizing inventory late into the evening. With Skype Professional Account, it can literally all happen in that lesson with just a few clicks.”