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Microsoft Upgrades Xbox Cloud Gaming Performance on Chrome OS and Linux

Microsoft says it has given the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming a boost on Linux and Google’s Chrome OS platforms.

Chromebook and Tablet Sales Decline amid Economic Problems

Tablet and Chromebook sales are tumbling with a year-on-year decline of over 30% last quarter as demand declines.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Application Mode Can Be Targeted by Phishing Attacks

Threat actors are using Application Mode in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to start phishing attacks against users.

Windows 10 and Chrome Make Default Browser Switching Easy

Google is working on a Chrome update for Windows 10 22H2 that will allow users to choose to default the browser easily.

Microsoft Edge Gains Market Ground on Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge market share increases again on desktop as the browser continues to gain ground on Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Targets Smoother Windows Default Choice

Google Chrome will have a one-click solution for users to set the web browser as a default on Microsoft’s Windows platform.

Chrome OS Flex Brings Chrome OS to Windows and Mac

Google has made its Chrome OS Flex platform available to all users, allowing Chrome OS to run on Windows and macOS.

Microsoft Edge to Pull Data from Chrome on Every Launch

Microsoft Edge now has an automatic import on launch tool that connects to Google Chrome, allowing more seamless integration of user data.

Chrome Gets New Screenshot Editor on Canary Builds

The integrated screenshot editor in Google Chrome now has significant editing improvements on the Canary channel.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Flags Google Chrome as a “Suspicious” Program

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint was flagging Google Chrome as a troublesome program before resolving the false positive.
Featured - How to Delete Downloads From Your Computer

How to Delete Downloads on Windows 11 (Incl. Chrome, Edge, or Firefox)

We show you how to clear downloads on Windows 11 using File Explorer, as well as how to clear automatic downloads from your browser cache.
Featured - How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to remove bookmarks in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, using both the bookmark bar/flyout and the bookmark manager.
Featured - How to delete history on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera

How to Clear Browser History on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera

We show you how to clear your browsing history completely or partially in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge and Chrome Face Vulnerability That Is Already Exploited in the Wild

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge has updates that fix a zero-day vulnerability in the V8 engine in Chromium that is in the wild.
Featured - How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Show or Hide the Bookmark Bar in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to show or hide the bookmark bar (favorites bar) in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge using a variety of methods.

Google Brings Ability to Manually Add Passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome users can now manually set a password without visiting a site, while an note-taking ability is also coming.

How to Enable or Disable the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome PDF Viewer

We show you how to Enable or Disable the Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge PDF viewers in just a few short steps.

Google Issues Fix for Chrome Animation Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google Chrome has a series of vulnerabilities that the company is patching, including an Animation zero-day that is being exploited.

Microsoft’s Dominance in the PC Market Continues as Vendors Choose Windows over Chrome OS

IDC reports Chromebook sales declines are partly down to vendors preferring to use short-supply chips on Windows machines.
Featured - How to group tabs in chrome

How to Group Tabs in Chrome

We show you how to create tab groups in Chrome, including how to manage, color code, and hide/expand them.

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