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Microsoft Edge Takes on Google Chrome with Native PDF Translation Feature

Microsoft Edge is adding a translation feature to its built-in PDF reader. This will allow users to translate selected text within PDF files directly in the browser.


Microsoft Edge is in the process of enhancing its built-in PDF reader with a translation feature. This development aims to simplify the translation of documents directly within the browser.

X user @Leopeva64 discovered that the experimental version of the browser, known as Microsoft Edge Canary, now offers the capability to translate selected text within its native PDF reader. Users can highlight the desired text, right-click, and then navigate to “More actions” followed by “Translate selection”. Previously, this option was inaccessible, being grayed out in the context menu. However, indications suggest that is nearing the feature's public release.

While the translation feature is a promising addition, it's not yet fully operational in the Canary preview version. Some users might still encounter the greyed-out option. Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether Microsoft will employ Bing AI or Bing Translator for this functionality.

Comparison with Competitor: Google Chrome

In comparison, Google Chrome, a direct competitor to Edge, lacks a translation feature in its native PDF reader. This contrasts with Chrome's ability to translate entire web pages with a mere click on the Translate icon adjacent to the address bar. Nonetheless, users can utilize the Google Translate extension for translating PDF files in Chrome.

Microsoft continues to innovate with its Edge browser. As previously reported, the tech giant has been developing various new features, such as an easily accessible Bing AI chat button on the New Tab page's dropdown menu and the launch of Edge for Business in the Stable channel (version 116).

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