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Google Chromebooks to Get One Decade of Futureproof Updates

Google's latest move aims to make Chromebooks a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for schools.


has recently unveiled a significant enhancement to its lineup, aiming to extend the lifespan of these devices. The tech giant has committed to providing automatic updates for Chromebooks for up to 10 years, a move that underscores its dedication to maintaining device longevity.

This initiative is particularly beneficial for educational institutions, as have become a staple in many classrooms around the world. The extended update policy is expected to make these devices a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for schools.

Details of the Update Policy

Starting in 2024, Chromebooks released from 2021 onwards will automatically receive updates for a decade. For devices launched before 2021, users and IT administrators will have the option to extend their automatic updates to 10 years from the platform's release. This is after they get their last scheduled update.

This policy applies to specific “platforms”, which are combinations of hardware and software components chosen by the Chromebook's manufacturer. However, it's worth noting that the 10-year update guarantee might not cover all features and services for devices released before 2021.

Sustainability and Repairability

Beyond , Google is also focusing on the physical longevity and of Chromebooks. The company is collaborating with manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo to produce Chromebooks with post-consumer recycled materials.

Additionally, Google is streamlining its Chromebook Repair Program to meet the demands of educational institutions. New repair procedures will allow authorized centers and school technicians to mend Chromebooks without the need for a physical USB key, reducing software repair times by over half.

Contrasting Industry Trends

Google's announcement stands in stark contrast to some industry trends, particularly those set by Microsoft on its Surface hardware. While Google is extending its support period, has, in some instances, reduced its Windows operating system support from 10 years to as short as five years. Furthermore, Google's emphasis on the “right to repair” and its initiatives to expedite the repair process for Chromebooks further differentiate its approach from other tech giants.

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