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Featured - How to delete files on Chromebook

How to Delete Files on a Chromebook/ChromeOS

We show you how to delete files from a Chromebook using the files app via mouse or hotkey.
Featured - Chrome reading list How to enable disable and use it

Chrome Reading List: How to Enable and Use Chrome Reading View

We show you how to enable and use Chrome Reading List on a PC or a smartphone to save any webpage for visiting at later. Reading List is an optimized reading view for online articles or other text content.

Yandex Claims AMD Is Favoring Edge and Chrome with Windows Driver Updates

Yandex says AMD is purposely giving Chromium browsers and advantage when sending out Windows drivers.
Featured - how to delete history on chromebook

How to Delete History on a Chromebook

We show you how to clear Chromebook browser history completely or by page and time range while removing or keeping autofill, login, and other browsing data.
How to install and delete apps on a Chromebook

How to Install and Delete Apps on a Chromebook

We show you all possible ways to install and uninstall apps on a Chromebook/ChromeOS. (Web-apps, android apps, and Linux apps)
Featured - how to split screen on chromebook

How To “Split Screen” on a Chromebook/on ChromeOS

We show you how to use split screen on a Chromebook, using the trackpad, the maximize button or a hotkey.
Featured - How to change wallpaper on Chromebook

How to Change the Wallpaper on a Chromebook/on ChromeOS

We show you how to change the background on your Chromebook by choosing a pre-installed design or any other image file as wallpaper.

Microsoft Edge Banner Ad on Chrome Page Shows Browser War Is Underway

A banner ad for Microsoft Edge is showing up on the official Google Chrome download page, claiming Edge is the better browser.
Featured - how to reopen closed tabs

How to Reopen Closed Tabs and Windows in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you various ways to restore tabs that have been closed previously with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome Memory and Energy Saver Modes Are Finally Rolling Out

The Memory Saver mode automatically frees up memory from inactive tabs, Energy Saver mode is limiting background activity.
Featured - How to get Emojis on Chromebook

Google Seemingly Bringing Bard AI Chatbot to ChromeOS / Chromebooks

Things are still in a work-in-progress state, but the design is expected to include a separate page for Bard on Chromebooks

Microsoft 365 Will Be More Integrated with Google ChromeOS This Year

Google says that ChromeOS will have a new Microsoft 365 integration this year, providing a more seamless experience.

Google Announces New “Early Stable” Chrome Browser Version

Google says that a new “Early Stable” of the Chrome web browser will become available starting from Chrome 110.
Featured - how to screen record on chromebook

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook / ChromeOS

We show you a simple way to screen record on a Chromebook using the built-in Screen recording tool in ChromeOS.
Featured - How to restart Chromebook

How to Restart a Chromebook / ChromeOS

We show you different ways how to restart/reboot, shut down, and hard reset your Chromebook / ChromeOS.
Featured - how to reset chromebook

How to Reset a Chromebook / ChromeOS to Default Factory Settings

We show you how to factory reset a Chromebook / ChromeOS using the Powerwash feature so you can start over with a clean and fast performing system like on the first day.
Featured - how to right click on a chromebook 2

How to Right Click on a Chromebook / on ChromeOS

We show you two different ways how to right-click on a Chromebook without a mouse using a keyboard and/or the touchpad.
eatured - How to copy and paste on chromebook

How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook / on ChromeOS

We show you how to copy and paste texts, images, videos, and other items with Chromebooks using different methods and shortcuts.

Google Chrome Receives Emergency Patch to Fix Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux is getting an update to shore up the browser against an exploitable vulnerability.
Featured - how to screenshot on Chromebook

How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebooks / ChromeOS / CloudReady

We show you how to take screenshots and to screen record on your Chromebook using different hotkeys and tools.

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