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Pwn2Own Hacking Contest Shows Flaws in Windows 10, Exchange Server, Zoom, and Chrome

Over three days Pwn2Own hacking context, numerous vulnerabilities were found across a range of popular tech services.

How to Disable the Built-in Chrome Ad Blocker for All or Certain Sites

We show you how to disable the Google Chrome adblocker by diving into the depths of its built-in settings menu.

Microsoft Edge to Get Faster Updates to Match Chrome

Microsoft Edge will receive updates every four weeks from Edge version 94, bringing the browser in line with Google Chrome.

How to save Chrome Tabs and Re-Open Them Later

Need to save your browsing session in Chrome? We show you how to save all open tabs as bookmarks so you can come back to them at your leisure.
How to enable native Chrome notifications on Windows 10

How to Turn Chrome Native Notifications on or off in Windows 10

We show you how to turn off Chrome native notifications in Windows 10, or enable them if you prefer. You'll also learn how to manage them.
How to Back Up and Restore Your Chrome Bookmarks Locally

How to Import and Export Google Chrome Bookmarks Locally

We show you how to export Chrome bookmarks to a local backup and import them again without the use of any third-party tools.

Google Warns of Chrome Zero-Day on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Google says there is a flaw in Google Chrome caused by a heap-buffer overflow in the V8 open-source web engine.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Flags Latest Google Chrome Update as Malicious

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint users could not install the latest Google Chrome release because the security tool found it to be malicious.

How to Manually Change Your Location in Google Chrome

We show you how to change location in Google Chrome to an accurate one via a simple tweak to your developer settings.

Google Discloses Chrome Attacks Targeting Windows and Android

Google Project Zero has detailed major exploits in the Chrome browser against Windows and Android that happened last year.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox Being Hit By “Adrozek” Attacks

Microsoft says Adrozek is a sophisticated malicious ad campaign that is infiltrating Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox users.

Google Chrome Updates Privacy Rules to Combat Malicious Web Extensions

Google is next year launching new guidelines for web extensions, including clearer settings on what sites extensions can access
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Tianfu Cup Hackers Exploit Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, and iOS in Minutes

At the annual Tianfu Cup hacking contest, successful new exploits were created for over a dozen major platforms and services.

Google Working on Chrome Screen Capture Tool Similar to Microsoft Edge Web Capture

At the moment, Google’s long screenshot feature in Chrome is only on Android 11 but could come to other platforms.

Google and Parallels Bring Windows 10 to Chrome OS

Parallels now runs in a sandbox on Chrome OS, allowing Windows 10 to work in a dual-boot environment on Google’s platform.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Linux ARM Support Benefits Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi

Microsoft has sent out version 1.50 of Visual Studio Code, adding Linux ARM build support for the first time on the platform.

Google Promises Chrome Performance Gains on Windows

Google is bringing PGO to Chrome on Windows and Mac, with performance gains the company says users will notice.

Google Working on Windows 10 Web Sharing in ChromeOS

Google is leveraging the Web Share API to bring native Windows 10 web sharing to its ChromeOS platform on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome Nearby Sharing Feature Coming to Windows 10

Windows 10 users will soon be able to use Google Chrome Nearby Sharing to share content with Pixel phones and Chromebooks.

Microsoft Wants Windows Gaming API to Work in Google Chrome

Microsoft wants to add its Windows.Gaming.Input API to Google Chrome, adding more options for hardware controls in the browser.