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Microsoft Edge Hits Record Market Share in but Chrome Stays Dominant

Statcounter data shows Microsoft Edge hits an all-time high of 12.96% for desktop browsers, surpassing its previous record.


Statcounter has released its January 2024 report detailing changes in desktop and mobile browser usage. The data, sourced from tracking codes present on over 1.5 million websites worldwide, indicates that Microsoft Edge has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing a previous record high with a 12.96% market share in the desktop browser domain. Edge's performance in January 2024 marks an all-time high for the offering.

Google Chrome retains its position at the pinnacle of the industry, commanding 64.84% of the market despite a minor retreat of 0.39 percentage points. Chrome's sway over the market appears unshaken, particularly following the introduction of AI-enhanced functionality aimed at attracting users from competing browsers.

Changing Landscape of Browser Preferences

Apple's Safari browser, traditionally strong among users, is listed as the third most utilised desktop browser. Safari's market share experienced a slight decline to 8.83%. Close behind, Mozilla Firefox holds the fourth position with 7.57% of the market, a decrease of 0.05 percentage points. Opera, another key player in the browser market, has sunk to a share of 3.23% after a more significant reduction of 0.57 percentage points.

The mobile browser market paints a substantially different picture, where 's impact is minimal. Despite incremental growth, Edge holds a meagre 0.3% of the mobile market. Microsoft's potential expansion into mobile browser extension support on and iOS platforms could enhance its appeal to mobile users.

Mobile Browser Competition Stiff

In contrast to its desktop success, Microsoft Edge lags considerably behind its competitors in the mobile browser market. Edge's market share, while experiencing a slight increase, remains inconspicuous at 0.3%. The envisaged introduction of extension support for the mobile versions of Edge could improve its position and utility for users on Android and iOS devices.

For a comprehensive understanding of the browser market landscape and to view detailed statistical information, interested parties can access the complete Statcounter report via the organization's official website. It is important to note that while Statcounter's methodology provides insight, their data should not be regarded as infallible, but rather a useful gauge of market trends.

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