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Microsoft and Sony Don’t Want to Share Xbox and PlayStation Services

Sony and Microsoft explored sharing Xbox and PlayStation services on each other’s consoles, but neither embraced the idea.

Microsoft Tells UK Regulator Sony’s PlayStation Exclusives Are Better than Xbox’s

Microsoft claims PlayStation exclusives are better than on Xbox, but still won’t make Activision Blizzard franchises Xbox exclusives.

Microsoft’s “Keystone” Xbox Streaming Console Was Delayed Because of Price

Microsoft’s Xbox Streaming device is on indefinite hold because of how much it costs, confirms the company’s gaming head.

Microsoft Suspended 5 Million Xbox Accounts in 6 Months, Transparency Report Shows

Microsoft’s Xbox Transparency Report shows that the company has issued suspensions to millions of accounts over a six-month period.

Xbox and Windows Games Could be Receiving New Energy-Conscious Graphics Modes

Microsoft is asking Windows and Xbox gamers for their feedback on whether they will accept energy-saving power modes for games.

Microsoft Upgrades Xbox Cloud Gaming Performance on Chrome OS and Linux

Microsoft says it has given the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming a boost on Linux and Google’s Chrome OS platforms.

Xbox and Twitch Partnership Offers PC Game Pass for Free over 3 Months

Twitch users who buy two new subs can now claim three months free on PC Game Pass through a collab with Xbox.

Microsoft Says Its Xbox Game Streaming Box Is Years from Release

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer says the Xbox game streaming box was real, but there are no plans to launch.

Microsoft Says Xbox Cloud Gaming has been Used by 20 Million People

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is thriving, while PC Game Pass subs have grown 159%.

Xbox October Update Adds TV Volume Controls and Silent Startup

In its latest monthly update for the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft is adding Silent start, TV volume controls, and Xbox home feature.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Game Store to Compete with Apple and Google

Microsoft told UK regulators the Xbox mobile store will help the company compete in the mobile gaming market.
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Microsoft is Laying Off 1,000 Staff from Xbox, Azure, and More

Around 1,000 Microsoft employees are losing jobs, with staff from Azure, Xbox, and other divisions leaving their roles.

Xbox Game Pass Titles Now Open in Bing and Microsoft Edge

It is now possible to launch Xbox Cloud Gaming titles from Xbox Game Pass directly from Bing on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Gaming Chief Leaks Xbox Game Streaming Box for TVs

The Xbox Game Streaming box seems to be real and will allow users to access Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming without a console.

Microsoft Hints at Xbox Game Pass Success… It’s Making Bank

Microsoft has given regulators information that shows Xbox Game Pass is thriving in terms of subscribers and revenue.

Xbox DRM Gets a Significant Upate from Microsoft

Xbox DRM checks will not happen anymore on Xbox One disc games unless it is required to install the game before playing.

Xbox Consoles Finally Get Discord Voice Integration

Microsoft’s collaboration with Discord is finally bringing Discord voice chats to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft Developing New Xbox Home UI for 2023

Microsoft is now testing a new Xbox Home UI that borrows off the Xbox TV app for a cleaner and more professional look.

Microsoft Debuts Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends

Microsoft Confirms its Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan, bringing Game Pass Ultimate to up to four users.

Microsoft to Use the Mariner Linux Distro Exclusively for Its Xbox Storefronts

Microsoft’s Xbox storefront will now be managed exclusively by the company’s Mariner Linux distribution on PC, console, cloud, and mobile.