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Microsoft Rolls Out Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming now lets you use a mouse and keyboard! Play games like Fortnite and Halo Infinite with your preferred controls on PC.


has introduced mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, marking a major enhancement in the platform's versatility. This update allows Xbox Insiders to utilize these new input methods across a variety of games when playing via the Edge and Chrome browsers or the Xbox app on Windows PCs. This development comes nearly two years after Microsoft first revealed plans to integrate mouse and keyboard support into its Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

Supported Games and User Experience

During the initial preview phase, not all games will feature mouse and keyboard support. However, Microsoft has confirmed a substantial list of popular titles that are compatible with the new input options. Among these are “Fortnite,” “Sea of Thieves,” and “Halo Infinite.” It's important to note that some titles may initially display controller user interface elements, which will transition to mouse and keyboard prompts once the player begins using these inputs. For an optimal experience, particularly in browser-based play, Microsoft advises gamers to use the full-screen mode. This ensures accurate pointer capture for game control. Additionally, players can switch back to using an Xbox controller at any time by pressing the ALT+F9 keys.

Technical Details and Future Outlook

The integration of mouse and keyboard support into is a strategic move by Microsoft to broaden the appeal and accessibility of its cloud gaming service. By accommodating the preferred input methods of PC gamers, Microsoft is not only enhancing the gaming experience but also potentially attracting a new segment of users to its platform. The list of games currently supporting this feature includes:

– “Fortnite” (exclusive to browser play)
– “ARK: Survival Evolved”
– “Sea of Thieves”
– “Grounded”
– “Halo Infinite”
– “Atomic Heart”
– “Sniper Elite 5”
– “Deep Rock Galactic”
– “High on Life”
– “Zombie Army 4: Dead War”
– “Gears Tactics”
– “Pentiment”
– “Doom 64”
– “Age of Empires 2”

As the preview progresses, Microsoft is likely to expand the list of supported games and refine the user experience based on feedback from Xbox Insiders. This update represents a significant step forward in making cloud gaming more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience, underscoring Microsoft's commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the gaming industry.

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