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Microsoft Edge on Xbox Gets Performance-Enhancer That Blocks “Hindering Content”

The feature aims to provide a more fluid and responsive browsing experience for console users.


Microsoft has implemented a new feature in its Edge browser on Xbox, designed to block embedded content that may affect device performance. Initially available in the Xbox Alpha Insider ring with Build 2311.231102-1830, the feature aims to provide a more fluid and responsive browsing experience for console users. A select group of users has been granted access to this experimental function, with broader deployment expected in the coming weeks.

Comprehensive System Enhancements

Earlier in the year, Microsoft overhauled the Xbox dashboard with a focus on accessibility and intuitive design. The broader context of this new update is nestled within a suite of improvements to the Xbox system.  In addition to the Edge browser enhancement, other implemented fixes include:

  • Xbox Accessories App: Improved keyboard navigation for editing profiles.
  • Installation: Resolution of sporadic issues during game and app installations.
  • Settings – Personalization: Rectification of infinite loading scenarios for dynamic backgrounds.
  • System: Localization updates ensuring accurate reflection of local languages throughout the console interface.

Insiders enlisted in the Xbox Insider Program now have the opportunity to download and install the new Alpha build, which encapsulates these comprehensive updates.

Known Issues

The “Known Issues” mentioned in the Xbox Insider Release Notes for the Alpha ring update (2311.231102-1830) include:

Audio Issues: Users have reported intermittent audio problems across the dashboard, games, and apps. The recommendation is to ensure the latest firmware updates for TVs and other equipment are installed. If issues persist, users are instructed to submit feedback with detailed information about the issue, including when it started, the specific circumstances of the audio loss, whether changing the audio format resolves the issue, if rebooting helps, and details about the user’s setup.

Networking Issues: There are reports of consoles not connecting to the network as expected on boot. Users are advised to wait a minute to see if the connection establishes itself; if not, they should restart the Xbox. If the problem continues, users should report the issue.

Feedback-driven Development

In line with Microsoft’s approach to user-centric design, the development team is seeking feedback from the Alpha Insider community. The experimental nature of the feature allows the company to gather valuable insights and make necessary adjustments before a widespread release. Users encountering any issues or unexpected behaviors are encouraged to report them through the “Report a Problem” feature, aiding in the iterative improvement of the software.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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