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Microsoft Enables WebView2 for Xbox Mobile App Development: What It Holds for the Future

Microsoft says that WebView2 is now supported for Xbox app developers, finally moving on from EdgeHTML on Xbox consoles.


has unveiled a development that could have a big impact on gaming. The company announced that it is now supporting WebView2 app development support for Xbox, which aims to enhance performance and stability for gaming enthusiasts employing apps. This update creates exciting new opportunities for mobile app developers, and could point to a more fluid future for Xbox.

Understanding WebView2 and Its Importance

Formerly, Microsoft focused Chromium-based Edge support to optimize performance on Windows. However, Xbox app developers had to depend on the comparatively outdated EdgeHTML WebView technology. With the introduction of WebView2 support, the console is set to receive a much-needed boost in performance and augmented remote debugging experience. But what does this mean?

WebView2 allows app developers to integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code within an application. Such an ability makes the process smoother as it enables developers to adopt a hybrid approach and reuse a significant amount of code during development for an online experience through a browser and in an app. Thus, it takes the capabilities of a mobile app a few notches higher and making it more user-friendly.

Why Gaming Community Cares About Chromium

holds weight in the world of web technology. It's an open-source technology that maintains, used extensively in several and apps, including . Chromium is also the primary source code for Google Chrome browser, although it integrates some additional features for this proprietary web browser. However, its role in potentially transforming the gaming experience is often overlooked.

Microsoft and Chromium will lead to better performance and stability for Xbox console users around the globe. It's worth noting that several entertainment apps like STARZ have already started leveraging this technology, promising a richer experience. We can expect many more to join the bandwagon in the future

The Impact on Xbox Users

If you're a gamer who's had to deal with app crashes or slow loading times while browsing through the catalogue of games, the support of WebView2 seems like a silver lining. Users want their Xbox Series X|S sessions to be seamless – the introduction of WebView2 aims to enhance the Xbox users' experience by delivering faster loading times and minimizing crashes. 

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