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Microsoft Plans PC Game Streaming via Xbox Cloud Gaming on Game Pass

Microsoft could look to expand its Xbox Cloud Gaming service on Game Pass beyond consoles to PC game players.


Recent revelations indicate that has been contemplating the expansion of its Xbox Cloud Gaming service to include PC games. Currently, the service is confined to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S titles due to the specialized Xbox Series X chips that power the servers. However, internal emails from the FTC v. Microsoft case have shed light on the company's intentions to harness its Azure servers for streaming PC games.

Behind-the-Scenes Conversations

In July 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reached out to Xbox executives, including Phil Spencer, Kareem Choudhry, and Sarah Bond, following speculations about Google's plans to transform its Stadia cloud gaming service into a white-label platform for developers. Nadella's query, “But I am assuming we will do the same for PC – right?” was met with affirmative responses.

Stadia has since failed, but Microsoft's goals are ongoing. Spencer highlighted the potential of Azure for streaming native PC games, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of reusing hardware for multiple purposes. Choudhry further confirmed the ongoing efforts to develop a suitable Azure SKU to meet external customer demands and support the PC streaming stack.

The Competitive Landscape

While Microsoft's has seen a slowdown in development over the past year, the company has not been dormant. Recent collaborations, such as the 10-year deal with British mobile network EE, hint at the possibility of Xbox PC games being made available to EE customers.

Additionally, Microsoft's testing of mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming suggests further advancements in the pipeline. In the broader gaming ecosystem, while 's Stadia has faced challenges, with its eventual shutdown in January 2023, Microsoft remains vigilant, considering 's GeForce Now as its primary competitor and keeping a close watch on other players like 's Luna.

SourceThe Verge
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