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Microsoft Teams with Epic to Bring Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming for Free

Fortnite is now fully available on Xbox Cloud Gaming for free, with no subscription to Xbox Game Pass necessary.

Xbox Research and Design Head Leaves Microsoft after 20 Years

After 20 years with Microsoft, five of them leading Xbox research and development, Chris Novak is leaving the company.

Sony Looks to Putting Ads in PlayStation Games following Microsoft’s Xbox Ad Tests

Sony is working on allowing ads in free PlayStation games, days after Microsoft’s own ads in Xbox free-play games emerged.

Microsoft Testing Ads in Xbox Free-to-Play Games

A new report suggests Microsoft is developing in-game ads for free play games on Xbox, but not for money or data.

Xbox Series X Slim? Microsoft Reportedly Working on Smaller Console CPU

Microsoft is reportedly working on a smaller CPU for the Xbox Series X, suggesting a future Slim version of the console.

Xbox Spring Sale 2022 Offers Discounts on Hundreds of Games

Microsoft’s Xbox Spring Sales 2022 is underway, running until April 11 with discounts available on hundreds of games.

Microsoft Removes Ray Tracing Minecraft Preview from Xbox Series X

According to the company, the preview of ray tracing for Minecraft on Xbox Series X was an error and it has been removed.

Microsoft Selling Refurbished Xbox Series X Consoles to Meet High Demand

However, the deal for getting a refurbished Xbox Series X is not a cheap one and you end up paying more than a new console at MSRP.

Microsoft Previews Minecraft Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S is also getting support for the ray tracing technology for Minecraft, with Microsoft currently testing the feature.

Microsoft Rolls out Xbox Cloud Gaming Improvements on iOS

Microsoft says it has made improvements to Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS, following feedback from iPhone and iPad users.

Xbox App on Windows 11 and Windows 10 Gets New Design

Microsoft is tweaking the Xbox app in preview on Windows 11 and 10, changing navigation items across the app.

Microsoft: All Xbox Products to be Carbon Negative by 2030

Microsoft says all Xbox consoles and accessories will be carbon negative, zero-waster and water positive by 2030.

Xbox Cloud Gaming to Get Mouse and Keyboard Support

Xbox Cloud Gaming – formerly Project xCloud – is soon to get mouse and keyboard support on games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Valve Open to Xbox Game Pass Expansion on Steam

Valve CEO Gabe Newell says he is open to adding Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass PC version to the Steam platform.

Microsoft Brings Twitch Streaming Back to the Xbox Guide

Xbox Guide has been missing from Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S but is now making its long-awaited return.

Windows 11 Gets Windowed Gaming Boost alongside Xbox HDR App

Microsoft is planning important Windows 11 gaming improvements, including the releasee of the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Scores New Clarity Boost Ability

Xbox Cloud Gaming users on Microsoft Edge will now see better image quality through the Clarity Boost feature.
Twitch wikimedia

Twitch Returns to Microsoft’s Xbox Dashboard

Twitch is once again available as an integration on Xbox dashboard after an absence of a few years, allowing in-game streaming.

Microsoft Edge on Xbox Gets Nvidia GeForce Now Support

Xbox users can now play PC games from GeForce Now with mouse and keyboard support through Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Shifts Xbox Cloud Gaming to Xbox Series X Hardware

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X hardware is now powering the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming platform with 60fps, but not 4K so far.