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Microsoft’s Xbox Games Land on GeForce Now as Part of 10-Year Agreement

Microsoft's 10-year deal with Nvidia to bring Xbox games to GeForce Now is underway, with Gears 5 being the first game.


and have announced that the first Xbox games for PC will start arriving on Nvidia's streaming service. The first game to be added to the service is Gears 5, and it will be available starting today.

GeForce Now is a service that allows users to stream games to their without having to download or install them. The service is currently available in beta, and it is only available in select countries.

The addition of Xbox games to GeForce Now is a major step for the service. It will allow users to play Xbox games on their devices without having to own an Xbox console. This could make the service more appealing to a wider range of gamers.

Microsoft has said that it plans to add more Xbox games to GeForce Now in the coming months. It is unclear which games will be added, but it is likely that the service will eventually include a wide range of popular Xbox titles.

Microsoft Partnerships to Mainstream Cloud Gaming

The addition of Xbox games to GeForce Now is a sign of the growing popularity of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming services allow users to play games without having to download or install them. This makes them a more convenient option for gamers who want to play games on a variety of devices.

In February, Microsoft and Nvidia reached a 10-year agreement to bring Xbox Game Pass games to GeForce Now. While Gears 5 is now available, the whole Game Pass library will also be available. That may one day include Activision franchises such as Call of Duty. Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been blocked in the UK but approved in Europe.

The partnership with Nvidia is similar to a 10-year deal Microsoft made with Nintendo. That particular agreement will bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles for the next 10 years. Microsoft has also struck similar deals with cloud gaming providers such as Boosteroid and EE in the UK.

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