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Xbox Introduces Automatic Uploads of Game Captures to OneDrive

A new wizard in the Captures app assists users in uploading their existing collection of videos and screenshots.


has announced the testing of a new feature that will allow Xbox users to automatically upload their game captures and to OneDrive. This feature is currently available to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings.

The official announcement in the Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2408.230828-2000) stated, “You can now choose to have your game clips and screenshots automatically upload to your OneDrive .”

Users with the new feature can opt to have their game captures and screenshots sent directly to OneDrive. To activate this feature, users must navigate to Settings > Preferences > Capture & share, under the Automatic uploads section.

Additionally, a new wizard has been introduced in the Captures app to assist users in uploading their existing collection of videos and screenshots to OneDrive.

However, Microsoft has cautioned that users with a large collection of clips might experience a longer upload time, but the process will run in the background, ensuring minimal disruption. There are certain specifications and limitations to be aware of with this new feature: 

  • 4K and/or HDR video clips are not currently being automatically uploaded to OneDrive, but this capability will be added in the future.
  • There is a discrepancy in the location of uploaded clips and screenshots. Currently, screenshots are being uploaded to the “Pictures\” directory instead of “Pictures\Xbox Screenshots”, and video clips are being sent to “Videos\” rather than “Videos\Xbox Game DVR”.
  • Users with a vast collection of captures, especially those numbering in the thousands, might experience a delay in their uploads. Microsoft has requested users to be patient and allow a few days for their captures to appear in OneDrive.

Additional Updates and Fixes

Apart from the OneDrive feature, the latest Xbox system update includes various other improvements. Some of these include a fix for unexpected prompts to update apps, a solution for issues faced by users when pre-installing titles before their official launch, and updates to ensure local languages are accurately reflected across the console.

In a recent update to the Xbox service, Microsoft announced a furthering of the Discord integration by adding game streaming.  and Xbox are currently testing a new feature that will allow users to stream their Xbox games directly to Discord. The feature is currently being tested with a limited number of , but it is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming months.

You will need two things to use the feature: be an Xbox Insider and have the Discord app updated on your PC or mobile device. After you update the app, you will need to join the Discord Xbox Insiders server. The streaming quality is currently limited to 720p at 30fps, but Discord says that it plans to increase the quality in the future. 

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