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Discord and Xbox Partner to Bring Game Streaming to Users

Discord and Xbox are teaming up to let you stream your Xbox games directly to Discord from an Xbox console.


Discord and Xbox are currently testing a new feature that will allow users to stream their Xbox games directly to Discord. The feature is currently being tested with a limited number of Xbox Insiders, but it is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming months.

To use the feature, you will need to be an Xbox Insider and have the latest version of the Discord app installed on your PC or mobile device. Once you have the latest version of the app, you will need to join the Discord Xbox Insiders server.

Once you are on the server, you will see a new option in the “Voice & Video” settings called “Stream your Xbox gameplay.” When you click on this option, you will be prompted to connect your Xbox account to Discord. With your account connected, you will be able to start streaming your games to Discord. You can choose to stream your game to a specific channel or to everyone in your current voice channel.

The streaming quality is currently limited to 720p at 30fps, but Discord says that it plans to increase the quality in the future. The ability to stream Xbox games to Discord is a major step forward for both platforms. It will allow Xbox gamers to share their gameplay with their friends and communities on Discord, and it will also make it easier for Discord users to watch their friends play games.

Connecting to Discord in More Ways

Last July, Microsoft announced a partnership with Discord to bring the latter’s massively popular voice chat product to Xbox consoles. In September the integration went live, but is for some reason a complex process for something that should be simple. Players need to connect their Xbox (Microsoft) account with their Discord account.

Firstly, this involves opening the Xbox mobile app. This is necessary because the feature works by transferring Discord calls from the app to the console. Next, connect your accounts. Unfortunately, even if you have done this in the past you will need to do it again to have the correct voice call permissions. It’s not over yet as whenever you want to do a Discord voice call on Xbox, you need to start it in Discord and select “Transfer to Xbox”. Then select the Xbox console in the Xbox mobile app, and then it’s done.

In June, Microsoft announced the “Microsoft Store Discord Server” to provide a new community channel for users. This server is a platform for engaging with the Microsoft Store and its related products. It allows developers, enthusiasts, insiders, and regular consumers to interact with each other and provide feedback on the Microsoft Store and its apps and games.

The server has channels for discussing specific apps and games, as well as the Microsoft Store and its features. There is also a channel for developers to receive help and support from other developers. This server is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to connect with the Microsoft Store community and learn more about it.

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