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Microsoft Store Discord Server: A New Way to Connect with the Microsoft Store Community

Microsoft has opened a dedicated Discord server for the Microsoft Store, providing a new way for developers, enthusiasts, and consumers to connect


has opened a dedicated Discord server for the (#microsoft-store). The server is designed to be a place for developers, enthusiasts, insiders, and regular consumers to connect with each other and share feedback on the Microsoft Store and its related products.

The server includes channels for discussing specific apps and games, as well as general channels for discussing the Microsoft Store and its features. There is also a channel for developers to get help and support from other developers.

To join the Microsoft Store server, you can download Discord from the Microsoft Store or its official website and head to this link.

The opening of the Microsoft Store Discord server is part of Microsoft's efforts to make the Microsoft Store a more open and welcoming place for developers and consumers. In recent months, Microsoft has made a number of changes to the Microsoft Store, including making it easier for developers to publish apps and games, and adding new features such as AI-generated review summaries.

Features of the Microsoft Store Discord Channel

  • “Discussion on the Microsoft Store app: share your thoughts, insights, and feedback on the Microsoft Store app. Get tips, tricks, and updates on maximizing your app's performance and discoverability.
  • Website and Store Service feedback: discuss the Microsoft Store website and services, including search results, browsing experience, and more. Share your ideas to enhance the user experience and make the Store even better.
  • Partner Center support: get assistance with MSIX and Win32 submissions, certification requirements, analytics, and other Partner Center related topics. Connect with experts who can guide you through the process.
  • Engage with Microsoft: interact with Microsoft PMs, engineers, and social media managers who are actively monitoring the channel. They are eager to listen to your feedback, address your concerns, and help you succeed.”

The Microsoft Store Discord server is divided into several channels, such as #welcome, #announcements, #general-chat, #support, #deals-and-offers, #events-and-giveaways, and more. Customers can also join voice channels to talk with other members or staff. The server is moderated by Microsoft Store employees and community volunteers.

According to the Microsoft Store team, the Discord server is a way to “connect with our customers in a more personal and engaging way”. The team also said that they are open to feedback and suggestions from the community on how to improve the server and the store experience.

Microsoft's Ongoing Partnership with Discord

Last July, Microsoft announced a partnership with Discord to bring the latter's massively popular voice chat product to Xbox consoles. It has been in preview since, allowing Xbox Insider Program members to test the integration. In September, Microsoft confirmed that the feature was finally being launched to all Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One users.

To use Discord voice chat on Xbox, you have to link your Xbox (Microsoft) and Discord accounts. You can do this by opening the Xbox mobile app, which is required to transfer the calls from Discord to your console. You have to link your accounts again, even if you did it before, to get the right permissions for voice chat. When you want to talk on Discord through your Xbox, you have to start the call on Discord and choose “Transfer to Xbox”. Then pick your Xbox console on the Xbox mobile app, and you're good to go.

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