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Xbox Launches New Voice Reporting Feature to Combat Toxicity

Microsoft has launched a new voice reporting feature for Xbox consoles that will allow players to capture and report inappropriate activity.


Xbox has announced a new feature that will allow players to report abusive or offensive behavior on its platform using voice commands. The feature, called voice reporting, is designed to make it easier and faster for players to flag inappropriate content or behavior without interrupting their gaming experience.

Voice reporting will work with any headset or microphone that is compatible with Xbox consoles or the Xbox app on and . Players will be able to say “Hey Xbox, report” followed by the gamertag of the person they want to report and the reason for the report. For example, “Hey Xbox, report JohnDoe123 for hate speech”. The report will then be sent to Xbox's moderation team, who will review it and take appropriate action.

Xbox said that voice reporting is part of its ongoing efforts to create a safe and inclusive gaming community for everyone. The company also said that it will use and artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and efficiency of voice reporting over time.

“When we looked at the next important step in our safety innovation, our team targeted in-game chat because it is often the place where players have the highest opportunity to interact with players outside of their friend network. Making the feature available across |S and ensures that players have this feature available to them in any multiplayer in-game chat.” 

Additional Details About Voice Reporting

  • Players can only report voice activity that they have witnessed themselves.
  • Reports will be reviewed by a team of moderators, who will take appropriate action against players who are found to be in violation of Xbox's Code of Conduct.
  • Players who submit false or malicious reports may face disciplinary action.

Voice reporting will be available for select Xbox Insiders starting this week, and will roll out to all Xbox users later this year. Xbox also encouraged players to use other tools such as blocking, muting, and filtering to customize their online experience and protect themselves from harassment.

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