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Microsoft Preparing Black Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro for October

At its hardware event next month, Microsoft will reportedly announce a Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro Black Edition.


Last month, we discussed Microsoft's plans to reintroduce black as a color for its upcoming Surface hardware. Interestingly, black hardware is coming back into fashion after being deemed boring just a few short years ago. A new report from Thurrott suggests one device getting the dark treatment will be the 2.

Of course, 's second-generation laptop is already available after being launched last year. That means any Black Edition would be a specialized variant of the device. The report also points to the receiving the black colorway.

Microsoft is hosting a hardware press event in New York City on October 2. It seems likely the Black Edition Surface products will be unveiled at that event. We are also still expecting the company to launch a new Surface device (Surface Pro 5?) and that will also likely be available in black.

We have known about Microsoft's desire to embrace black casing again for some time. Back last year, Intel launched its 8th generation Core processor. During the event, the chip company displayed a video showing a Surface Book clad in black.

Many older Surface devices used to be black, including the ill-fated Surface RT.

October Event

Microsoft scheduled its hardware event earlier this month. Sadly, the much-anticipated Surface Phone with Andromeda underpinning will not show up. Indeed, as we reported several months ago, Andromeda may be morphing into a different product behind the scenes.

We know Andromeda is in development and Microsoft has openly discussed the device that would accompany the OS. The company was also reportedly working on apps with developers, and included Andromeda in its Surface roadmap.

However, it now seems the company has killed the idea of Andromeda becoming a smartphone-like device. Instead, the underlying software behind Andromeda will be used in a laptop.

Last Updated on July 10, 2020 9:47 pm CEST

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