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Intel 8th Gen Processor Video Reveals Black Version of Microsoft Surface Book

The black Surface Book is displayed in a video advertisement, alongside accolades of 4K support, longer battery life, and more. It's unclear if Microsoft is planning a release or if it's simply a placeholder model.


We’ve yet to have a processor upgrade for the Surface Book, but Intel’s latest promo video suggests it could be coming. An advertisement for its upcoming 8th-generation features what seems to be a black variant.

Currently, Microsoft only sells silver versions of the Surface Book, and the promo device looks identical. It features the unique fulcrum hinge, keyboard eject button, and more. The natural assumption is that the device will get an 8th-gen upgrade, but it also raises some questions.

4K Display

The Intel video promotes ‘Amazing 4K’, a feature notably absent in the Surface Book’s 13.5″ 3000×2000 display. Black would also be a very strange choice for Microsoft, given that the coloring hasn’t been used since the Surface Pro 2. The current trend appears to be a choice between platinum, burgundy, and cobalt blue.

Of course, all of this could point to a major refresh of the Surface Book, complete with 4K functionality and Intel’s latest processor. The line hasn’t had a processor upgrade since its release, so it’s much needed. With Intel lauding a 40% performance boost on its i5 and i7 processors, now could be the perfect time.

However, it makes less sense when you consider Intel’s role in this. It would be very strange for Microsoft to give the company an exclusive reveal, especially when it uses its line to build hype for Windows releases.

It’s possible, then, that Intel simply used a Surface Book model, signifying a popular Windows laptop rather than a new release. We won’t know for sure unless Microsoft actually announces it.

Intel’s 8th generation of i5 and i7 processors will become widely available in September, so we’ll be crossing our fingers for more news then.

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