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Microsoft Working with WhatsApp on UWP Application for Andromeda

A design project suggests Microsoft and WhatsApp are working together to create a Universal Windows app that will make the service compatible with Andromeda.


's concept of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) was for applications to run equally across all form factors. Since the demise of Mobile, few apps live up to the “universal” tag. That's because developers have largely abandoned . is a rare exception and it seems Microsoft is working with the company on a new UWP app.

WhatsApp is one of the few developers that has consistently kept its Windows Phone app up-to-date. The Facebook-owned communication app has done this despite Microsoft turning its back on the platform.

The ironic thing about WhatsApp's support is its app is not UWP at all. It was built way back in the days of Windows Phone 8.1 in 2014, based on Silverlight. Because of this, the app does not run across all Windows 10 devices as Microsoft would want through UWP.

Last week, we discussed the impending launch of Microsoft's Andromeda device. This is a dual-screen folding piece of hardware that uses ARM processing and combines laptop power with mobile phone battery and portability.

The problem with WhatsApp in its current guise on Windows is it won't run on a device like . Of course, Microsoft will absolutely need Andromeda to support services like this if it is to be a success. According to Windows Central, the company is addressing this by working directly with WhatsApp to create a UWP version.


We even have an idea how the app will look. A concept showed up on Behance by a designed purportedly working on the project. Unfortunately, the listing has been removed, but the images were saved and passed on.

The description for the project suggests Microsoft is working closely with the Facebook-owned company. It seems as though the app will combine elements of the current WhatsApp applications for desktop and Windows Phone.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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