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Microsoft’s Surface Event Promises New Hardware, but Not Andromeda Surface Phone

Microsoft has confirmed a Surface event for Oct. 2, but the Andromeda devices will not be launched as Microsoft will focus on existing Surface products.


Last week, announced it is holding a Surface hardware event in New York next month. The press event is scheduled for October 2 and will start at 4PM ET / 1PM PT. We know we are getting new Surface devices, but which products will Microsoft announce? It seems will not be among them.

While we are waiting for Microsoft's Andromeda folding screen phone/laptop device, it will not drop next month. Indeed, as we reported several months ago, Andromeda may be changing into something else entirely behind the scenes.

We know Andromeda is real and Microsoft has openly discussed the device that would accompany the OS. The company was also reportedly working on apps with developers, and included Andromeda in its Surface roadmap.

However, it now seems the company has killed the idea of Andromeda becoming a smartphone-like device. Instead, the underlying software behind Andromeda will be used in a laptop. As the device was thought to be the oft rumoured Surface Phone, Andromeda's evolution into something else all but kills hopes of a Microsoft mobile device in the short term.

What ever is happening with Andromeda will not be finalized next month. There will be no official announcement regarding the project at the October event.

That means Microsoft will be announcing something safer.


: We doubt Microsoft will debut a new Surface Book. It has been under a year since the Surface Book 2 was launched. Considering Microsoft is unlikely to update computing hardware annually, we think the Surface Book 3 will have to wait until (at least) next year.

: While a sequel to the existing Surface GO is 100% not happening (the original model launched earlier this year), Microsoft's modestly-priced tablet is likely to be a discussion point next month. Perhaps LTE capabilities will be added to a new model.

: Microsoft launched the Surface Pro last year and confused its numbering system. The device replaced the Surface Pro 4 but was not named the Surface Pro 5. That's because the Pro was more of an incremental update than a new product. It has been long enough since its launch in mid-2017 to update the device. A Surface Book 5 is a likely candidate for next month's event.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:09 pm CEST

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