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SwiftKey Expands Neural Networks Feature to New Languages

Launched last month the on the public Android SwiftKey app, neural networks uses machine learning to better understand the context of language. The Microsoft-owned company has expanded the service to French, Spanish, and German.
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SwiftKey Cofounder Explains Decision to Sell Company to Microsoft

Microsoft acquired virtual keyboard provider SwiftKey earlier in the year. Cofounder Ben Medlock says it was a natural progression for the company and that Microsoft’s offer presented more chance of growth.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Rolls Out Five New Projects

The hot streak of Microsoft Garage is continuing with photo oriented Santorini, writing app Write Ideas, Hearing AI, and two new web add-ins.
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Microsoft acquires SwiftKey to strengthen AI and productivity

The company is reportedly paying $250 million to the makers of SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard app which is powered by artificial intelligence.

Goodbye Bing Chat: Microsoft Streamlines AI Chatbots with New Copilot Branding and Services

Microsoft revamps its AI chatbots, unifying them under the Copilot brand and introducing enterprise-grade Copilot Pro with enhanced privacy protections.

Extending AI Capabilities: Microsoft Copilot Coming to One Billion Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft Copilot is bringing generative AI to Windows 10, as Microsoft wants to tap into massive user base.

Microsoft Xbox and Inworld AI Announce AI Copilot for Game Development

The partnership will leverage InWorld's expertise in AI tools for game creation and Microsoft’s cloud-based AI solutions.

Microsoft Enhances Outlook with Business Management Tool: Org Explorer

Microsoft Outlook is getting a major upgrade with new features that will turn it into a business management app, including an AI-powered Org Explorer

Windows 11 Build 23560 Introduces New Copilot Shortcut Taking Away a Beloved Feature

The Windows 11 update could boost productivity for some but might interrupt the workflow of those used to the ALT + TAB shortcut.

Microsoft Unveils Surface Go 4, Exclusively for the Business Sector

Microsoft has introduced the Surface Go 4, replacing AMD chips with Intel and focusing directly on business users.

Amazon Introduces Generative AI to Alexa

The new Echo AI model recognizes gestures, and offers a more adaptive, opinionated Alexa based on user behavior.

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps Now Generally Available

GitHub Advanced Security enhances the Azure DevOps environment by offering developers tools like secret scanning, dependency scanning, and CodeQL code scanning.
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Microsoft Enhances Cameo Feature in PowerPoint for Windows and Mac

The feature allows users to embed a small video feed directly into their PowerPoint slides.

LinkedIn Accounts Targeted in Widespread Hijacking Campaign

They primarily exploit leaked credentials and employ brute-force techniques to breach LinkedIn accounts, especially those with weaker security settings.

Microsoft Edge for Business to Launch Fully This Week

Microsoft Edge for Business goes general availability, offering businesses a new way to manage and secure their employees' browsing experience.

Windows 11 Gets Better Screen Casting Experience with Build 23516

The enhancements aim to educate users about the Cast feature, improve its discoverability, and simplify the overall experience.

Adobe Photoshop Introduces Generative Expand Feature to Bring AI for Expanding Images

Adobe Photoshop has introduced a new feature that uses generative AI to expand images. The feature, called Generative Expand.

OpenAI Silently Discontinues AI Text-Detection Tool Due to Low Accuracy

OpenAI´s AI Classifier correctly identified only 26% of AI-written text as "likely AI-written", while it incorrectly labeled human-written text as AI-written 9% of the time.

Microsoft Defender for IoT Gets Firmware Analysis against IoT Vulnerabilities

This new feature performs an automated analysis of a binary firmware image running on an IoT device.

Bing Chat: Microsoft Is Considering Expert Mode for Advanced Users

An expert mode for Bing Chat could boost its usage as the AI chatbot has to compete with more and more specialized services for generative AI.

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