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Skype For Linux Skype Blog

Microsoft Releases Skype for Linux Alpha Version 1.13

The update brings SMS sending support and provides some other minor improvements.
Skype For Linux Skype Blog

Microsoft Releases Skype for Linux Alpha 1.12 Update

The minor update brings three valuable changes. Still, the program remains in the alpha development stage for now.
Skype For Linux Skype Blog

Skype for Linux Alpha 1.10 Brings Video Calling Ability

Microsoft has finally rolled out video calling for Skype for Linux Alpha. The feature is among the most important and comes three months after the company launched the service.
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Skype for Linux Alpha Updated to Version 1.8

Two months after launching the Skype for Linux Alpha preview, Microsoft has introduced its 8th update for the service. Mirroring other recent releases, this build focuses on UI improvements and cleaning up the general performance.
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Skype for Linux Alpha 1.7 Update Stamps on Bugs

The second Skype for Linux update in 10 days focuses on fixing bugs within the service. Version 1.7 fixes scrolling issue in messages and a connectivity problem.
Skype for Linux own

Skype for Linux Alpha Updated to Version 1.6

The latest release of the preview Skype for Linux Alpha service comes with some minor feature touches click past to clipboard, while Microsoft has continued to fix issues with the service.
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Microsoft Brings Skype for Linux Alpha to Version 1.5 with New Update

The latest release for Skype for Linux Alpha continues Microsoft’s focus on tidying the preview service up before it is rolled out as a general release.
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Skype for Linux Alpha Receives Performance Related Update

The recently launched Skype for Linux Alpha is still in preview form and has plenty of issues. Microsoft released an update to help clear up some performance.
Skype For Linux Skype Blog

Microsoft Debuts Skype for Linux Alpha

Linux users are finally getting a new Skype experience. Skype for Linux Alpha is a preview build and is available now, with Microsoft asking for user feedback as it continues development.
Skype for Linux own

Microsoft Updates Skype for Linux to Alpha 1.3

The update fixes some issues with the client, including log out issues, URL to browser problems, and minimize to tray functionality. It pushes Skype for Linux Alpha up to 1.3.
Skype for Linux own

Skype for Linux Beta Announced as Version 5.0 with New Features

Skype for Linux Beta was announced as the next phase of the VOIP service on the open source platform. Microsoft has been developing Skype for Linux Alpha since it launched last July.
Skype for Linux own

Microsoft Updates Skype for Linux to Version 1.15

The Skype for Linux 1.15 Alpha adds autostart-support and an option to launch Skype minimized.
Skype Official Microsoft

Microsoft Updates Skype across Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux

A batch of updates have dropped from Skype towers this week. Microsoft has sent out refreshed versions for iOS, Android, Linux, and its own Universal Windows Platform apps.
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Microsoft’s Skype for Life Will Unify Service across Platforms, Suggests Report

A new rumor reports that Microsoft has put the development of Skype for Life as a priority. The service will unify the VoIP software across platforms and could have been the reason why Microsoft closed its London-based Skype office.
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Microsoft Adds Android N Support to Skype for Android

Update 7.14 for Skype for Android means the app now supports Google’s most recent software release, Android 7.0 Nougat. The new update also adds cross-platform contact suggestions.
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Microsoft’s Skype Transition Sees Windows Phone and Older Android Build Lose Support

Skype will no longer be supported on old Android versions and Windows Phone builds. Microsoft is modernizing Skype, moving it away from P2P and onto the cloud, which will bring improvements in call quality, amongst other things.
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Skype Debuts Monty Python Mojis for a Splash of Comedy

Add some classic comedy to your Skype interactions. The Monty Pythons Mojis are not quite “spam, spam, spam” and will let you relive famed moments from Life of Brian, Holy Grail, and Flying Circus.

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