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Microsoft Updates Skype for Linux to Version 1.15

The Skype for Linux 1.15 Alpha adds autostart-support and an option to launch Skype minimized.


for Linux 1.1 also enables context menu with copy/paste commands in the message input area andd includes many smaller improvements and bugfixes. The release of the update was announced with a blog post at Skype's Community.

The full list of new features and improvements is:

  • “Updated to Electron 1.4.10
  • Enabled context menu with copy/paste commands in the message input area
  • Added the option to autostart (Tools->Launch at Login)
  • Added the option to launch minimized (Tools->Launch Minimized)
  • Many smaller improvements and bugfixes”

You can download Skype for Linux Alpha DEB here and Skype for Linux Alpha RPM here.

A steady effort towards Beta

Making Skype available for Linux is a steady effort for , who is in no hurry to release a final version of the client. The company launched the client back in July this year, slowly improving the functionality of the service. The constant flow of updates mainly focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements, making the client slightly better each time.

The previous update, Skype for Linux 1.14 had added some improvements to the group-call feature, notification, the GUI (zoom levels) and more localizations. In Version 1.13 the Linux Skype client gained important features such as SMS sending supports.

To improve , Microsoft keeps asking users for feedback, a similar strategy the company uses for Windows 10 with the Windows Insider program.  Microsoft encourages Linux users to do the same so that the insightful feedback can translate into an improved Skype client. If you have an idea or suggestion, you can head over to the Skype community pages and participate.

Currently, Microsoft has an excessive number of different Skype desktop and mobile apps that offer uneven experiences. Creating one cross-platform client that covers Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and would solve this problem.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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