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The Skype UWP app for Windows 10 is out in the wild now. However, Microsoft is making sure it keeps up support for the service on other platforms too. The company has been paying particular attention to Skype for Android recently. The latest update for the service is interesting because it adds support for Android N.

Android N (Android 7.0 or Android Nougat) has recently been rolled out by Google. It is the latest full build release of the company’s market leading mobile OS. Microsoft is among the biggest Android developers these days, so it makes sense to keep Skype for Android up to date. It is also good for customers to see Microsoft support new builds quickly.

As well as introducing support for Android N, there are some features added to version 7.14. For example, Skype for Android users can now see contacts suggested from other Skype apps. This brings full cross-platform contact management to the app.

Here are the full changes listed in update 7.14, which is available at the Google Play Store:

  • You can now run Skype on Android N!
  • Suggested contacts from other Skype apps are now shown in Skype for Android
  • Fixed user-reported issue, where incoming 2nd call didn’t ring
  • Fixed user-reported crash in the Unanswered Call UI, on some ASUS devices on Android 4.x
  • UI optimizations and fixes, when recording video messages on Samsung devices.

Recent Android Enhancements

As mentioned, Microsoft has been showing Android Skype users some love recently. Just a week ago, the company updated the service with bug fixes and new bot support. Two new bots were added to the app in the release.

Microsoft now has its hands full with Skype. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app means a uniformed Skype experience across Windows 10. The service is also going strong on Apple’s iOS, and recently Microsoft launched a new Skype for Linux Alpha experience. The company also recently brought Android N support to Intune.