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While there have been major announcements from the Skype team this week, the latest brings a bit of fun to the platform. Microsoft has revealed that 37 Monty Python based Mojis are now available for Skype.

The company has added moments from the famed British comedy team. Specifically, Skype users can now share Mojis from the movies Life of Brian, Holy Grail, and Flying Circus. As these are small comedy clips, we imagine they will become used as a kind of ironic meme in chats. As the Skype team puts it:

Drop a massive foot into the thread! Or, when you simply can’t be bothered to hurl comedic abuse at your friends, let the Python crew do the honors.”



Moji Python’s Magic Moments

In an official blog to announce the Mojis, the team said it has a “hoot” selecting the clips. We understand as writing this has sent us on a tour of Monty Python clips on YouTube. Microsoft says it will add more clips in due course. If users want to see a particular Python clip, they can request it on social media through #PythonMojis.

The Skype team even managed to tap up Michael Palin, one of the Monty Python troop, to get his opinion:

“We welcome Moji Python’s magic moments. It’s easy to forget how gown-breaking and auspicious Monty Python was and how well, millions of years later, these ice-cream culinary moments stand up. Unlike most of the team. Please help us. Thank you.”

Microsoft says the Mojis are available from today and appear in the emoticon picker. Users will need to have the latest version of Skype to send the clips to contacts.