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Microsoft Opens Xbox Insider Program Alpha and Skip Ahead Rings to More Users

Microsoft is asking Xbox Insider Program members to fill a survey showing they want to get an invite to the Alpha and Skip Ahead rings.

Microsoft Removes Skip Ahead Branch from the Windows Insider Program

Ahead of Windows 10 November 2019 Update, Microsoft has taken down the Skip Ahead preview branch, with Insider previews now on the Fast Ring only.
Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar Official Microsoft

Microsoft Merges Skip Ahead and Fast Ring for Windows 10 20H1 Development

Windows 10 20H1 will now be developed in the Fast Ring and Skip Ahead branches. Microsoft has not explained what will happen with version 19H2.

Chromium Edge Moves Nearer to Preview According to Skip Ahead Filing

Microsoft seems to be laying the foundation for the Chromium Edge preview, with files for the browser showing up on the Skip Ahead Insider branch.
Sticky Notes Screenshot Microsoft

Microsoft’s Sticky Notes 3 Update Brings Outlook Syncing to Skip Ahead Insiders

Sticky Notes 3 is one of the Windows 10 features that will roll out to Windows 10 next year. The update, with Outlook syncing, is now available as a 19H1 release on the Inside.

Microsoft to Launch Major Sticky Notes Update on Windows 10 Skip Ahead Ring

Microsoft has announced the imminent rollout of a major Sticky Notes update that will bump it to version 3.0. Engineering manager Reza Jooyandeh announced the...

Microsoft Developing Native Virtual Machine Support for Windows 10 in Skip Ahead Branch

The latest Windows 10 Skip Ahead preview shows Virtual Machine support for the platform, available for testing now.

Microsoft Opens Windows Insider ‘Skip Ahead’ Option for Redstone 6

After a reset of users enrolled in its Windows 10 Skip Ahead program, Microsoft is opening the option once more. Users will gain access on a first come first serve basis with faster access to new features.

Xbox One Insiders Get a ‘Skip Ahead’ Option for Even Earlier Feature Access

The Xbox One Update Preview lets alpha ring users skip ahead to the next update, providing early but bug-ridden access to the latest improvements and features. Skip Ahead will roll out next month to some users.

Microsoft Brings Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17655 to Skip Ahead

The latest Redstone 5 test build is Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17655, which comes with a new Mobile Broadband experience for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Skip Ahead Preview Debuts Calendar Search and ‘Cortana Show Me’ Voice Support

Windows 10 Skip Ahead users are getting some new features as focus shifts from the Spring Creators Update to Microsoft's next release.
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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17627 (Redstone 5) Reaches Skip Ahead

Skip Ahead members of the Insider Program can now test the latest Windows 10 Redstone 5 preview. No new features are included, but Microsoft has made some improvements and fixes.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft to Launch Windows 10 Redstone 5 on Skip Ahead Next Week

The next fall edition of Windows 10 (Redstone 5) is expected to be available for Insiders next week, ahead of the official launch of Redstone 4.

Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17004 on Skip Ahead

Using the Skip Ahead feature, Insiders can now download Windows 10 Build 17004, a Redstone 4 release that introduces more elements of Fluent Design.
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First Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build Rolls out to ‘Skip Ahead’ Insiders

Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 16353 brings several tweaks to Action Center, as well as DPI, mouse sensitivity, and Slideshow fixes. The build won't be available to Fast Ring Insiders until the Fall Creators Update is finalized.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft Brings Back Windows 10 Skip Ahead Feature

Windows Insiders can once again Skip Ahead from the Fast Ring with the Redstone 4 PRERELEASE branch, for a limited time.
Windows  Redstone

The ‘Skip Ahead’ to Windows 10 Redstone 4 Option Is No Longer Available

Windows 10 Insiders can no longer skip forward to Redstone 4 before the Fall Creators Update is finalized. The program was announced with a limited capacity, and users will now be met with a dialogue in Settings.
Windows  Redstone

Windows Insider Program ‘Skip Ahead’ Feature Lets Members Move to Redstone 4

For the first time, Windows Insider Program Fast Ring members can move ahead a branch without waiting for a feature upgrade to launch. Skip Ahead allows users to move from the Redstone 3 branch to what will become Redstone 4.
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Sony to Skip E3 2019 as Microsoft Announces ‘Lots to Share’

Sony will be skipping E3 2019 while it works on innovative products and 'explores new and familiar ways' to interact with its community. Meanwhile, Xbox and Nintendo could be set for a strong lineup, with possible console announcements.

Microsoft Debuts New Feedback Hub for Windows Insiders

A new user interface is available for the Windows 10 Feedback Hub, which is available for Insiders on the Fast Ring and Skip Ahead.