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Windows 10 Skip Ahead Preview Debuts Calendar Search and ‘Cortana Show Me’ Voice Support

Windows 10 Skip Ahead users are getting some new features as focus shifts from the Spring Creators Update to Microsoft's next release.


The Spring Creators update reached RTM a few days ago, but is already rolling out new features. Insiders on the ‘Skip Ahead' ring will notice Preview Build 17634, which comes with some awaited functionality.

Perhaps the most useful is the ability to search for past or future events in the Calendar for Windows 10 app. It's a feature that probably should have been available for some time, but Microsoft's implementation is interesting.

After searching, the events that match will be displayed clearly on the calendar, while other events will appear greyed out. This gives a great context to the event by and lets the user re-establish the entire timeline.

Cortana Show Me Voice Queries

The second major feature builds on the Show Me functionality introduced last week. The preview app helps users navigate their Windows 10 settings without searching through the control panel. However, without voice control it wasn't much better, so Microsoft has been quick to implement that.

You can now say, “Cortana, show me how to update my Windows device”, and you'll get a guided help experience. The addition will be particularly helpful for accessibility users, who will be able to get they help they need without the use of a keyboard.

Cortana also supports settings like display brightness, adding printers, Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth, Windows Defender, and more.

Alongside these features, Microsoft has made a number of fixes. Among the most noteworthy are Edge PDF fixes and Task Manager not showing application titles.

You can find the full list of changes, as well as known issues, on the Windows blog.

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