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The ‘Skip Ahead’ to Windows 10 Redstone 4 Option Is No Longer Available

Windows 10 Insiders can no longer skip forward to Redstone 4 before the Fall Creators Update is finalized. The program was announced with a limited capacity, and users will now be met with a dialogue in Settings.


You may have missed it, but last week announced an option for current Insiders to skip straight ahead to Redstone 4 builds. Essentially, they go straight past the upcoming and hop straight into unstable test builds.

That program had a limited capacity, and Microsoft has now announced that it has filled its quota. Though the option is still present in the settings of Insider builds, it now presents users with this message:

is now closed. If you select this option going forward, you will have your Windows Insider Program settings reverted.”

Naturally, those who have already chosen the option will get Redstone 4 builds earlier, but they can switch back to the fast or slow rings if they like.

If you didn't select the option before today, I'm afraid you're out of luck. Microsoft still needs some users around to test the last builds of the Fall Creators Update. Of course, you'll still get Redstone 4 updates after its finalized, which will probably be some time in November.

Redstone 4 Upcoming Features

The features of Redstone 4 are still relatively unknown, but we can gather a few hints from the ones that didn't make it into the Fall Creators Update. For example, Microsoft has announced plans to iterate on its Fluent Design System, which will bring a fresh new look to the OS.

Many are hoping those UI improvements will extend to File Explorer, which could do with a modernization. Those haven't been confirmed however, and are more wishful thinking. What we do know is that Microsoft has been experimenting with tabs, both in File Explorer, Word, and any other application that needs it.

Cloud Clipboard was also cut from the Fall Creators Update, and would have let users copy text on one device and paste it to another. It's still a highly popular feature, so it's possible it will make an appearance.

Whatever the case, those that clicked ‘Skip Ahead' will be the first to test and find out.

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