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Microsoft Pix for iPhone Gets Faster Start Time, VoiceOver Support, and More

Microsoft Pix has received a number of tweaks to improve the general performance and accessibility, bringing it closer to Apple's default camera app.
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Microsoft Pix Gets Business Card Reading Improvements, Accessibility Features

Microsoft Pix has received a number of features to improve the speed and accessibility, as well as fixing a particularly annoying functionality oversight.

Microsoft Pix App Scores AI-Powered Whiteboard and Document Photography

Microsoft Pix now detects written and drawn content, performing perspective, lighting, and crop adjustments automatically. The update further's Pix's ability to infer user intent.

Microsoft Pix on iOS Scores Styles and Painting Features

Microsoft has leveraged artificial intelligence to bring more stylistic customizations to its Pix photo app. The company now allows users to add layer effects inspired by famed images.
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Microsoft Pix Camera for iOS Gets Dual Lens Support and More

Microsoft's Pix Camera now comes with several image frames, as well as white balance tweaks and iPhone 7 plus dual lens support.
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Microsoft Pix Camera App Launches on Apple iOS App Store

The Microsoft Pix app cleans up shots and compiles live and Hyperlapse images. The application is an alternative to Apple’s own Camera app and is available to iOS users right now.
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Microsoft Brings PIX Debugging Tool to Windows

Not to be confused with the Pix camera tool, PIX is a long-time Xbox tuning debugging service that is now in beta on Windows. The tool allows developers to analyse DirectX12 games with several mode captures available.
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Microsoft Updates New iOS Pix Camera App to Version 1.09

The new update for Pix adds multiple language support and also deals with what is a noisy shutter sound. Pic was launched last month as a way to create live images and Hyperlapse videos on iOS.
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Remote Learning with Apps and Content from Microsoft Partners

The Microsoft Partner Network is a collective name denoting people, applications, resources, and content that have successful solutions in mind. During the pandemic, remote...

Microsoft Edge Gets a Kids Mode That Gives Parents More Control Over the Browser

With Microsoft Edge Kids Mode, parents can control what websites their kids visit, while Edge also blocks adult content by default.

As Microsoft Prepares Minecraft Earth Closure, Is AR Gaming Failing?

Minecraft Earth will shutter this summer, pointing to a problem in the AR gaming market. However, the whole story suggests something different.

Microsoft DirectML API Reaches Public Release

DirectML is no longer tied directly to Windows 10, allowing developers to download the machine learning API as a standalone service.

Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 7+ for Business with LTE Option

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 Plus serves as a minor upgrade on the normal Surface Pro 7 and is only available to business and education customers.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 Development Edition Now Available in the U.S.

Microsoft has launched the HoloLens 2 Development Edition in the United States, with more regions to follow before the end of the year.

Microsoft Reminds Customers of Surface Duo Unique Features

Microsoft has published a video that highlights some of the new software tricks available in the Surface Duo smartphone.

Microsoft: Surface Duo Will Get OS and Security Updates for Three Years

Microsoft is making a long-term commitment to updating the Surface Duo, in line with other major smartphone flagships.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Duo Ships Sept. 10 for $1,399

Microsoft has officially launched the Surface Duo, it’s first smartphone in years and first Android smartphone ever.

Android Chief Teases Microsoft’s Surface Duo Ahead of Official Launch

Google’s Android head Hiroshi Lockheimer has teased the Surface Duo, which Microsoft could unveil later this week.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Source Details Specs and Suggests Price Will Undercut Samsung’s Galaxy Fold

A report suggests Microsoft’s Surface Duo smartphone will be priced below its cutting-edge competition and receive flagship specs.

Microsoft and Intel Develop STAMINA to Detect and Classify Malware

STAMINA is a new deep learning model from Microsoft and Intel that can detect and classify malware to a high accuracy.