Microsoft Pix Gets Business Card Reading Improvements, Accessibility Features

Microsoft Pix has received a number of features to improve the speed and accessibility, as well as fixing a particularly annoying functionality oversight.

Pix Camera Infographic Microsoft

Pix for iOS has been updated to version 1.7 with a number of small improvements and additions. The app bills itself as an ‘intelligent camera app', using AI to perform automatic enchancements, face recognition, and more.

Last year, the app got AI-powered document photography, widening its functionality. The integrations likely came thanks to 's work on Office Lens, and makes it much more of a catch-all for .

Unfortunately, that extended fully to business cards. With version 1.7, Microsoft has made several updates in that regard, making reading business cards faster and easier. It also supports landscape view when adding contacts directly from business cards, fixing a major annoyance. To improve accessibility, there's also voice-over-text functionality in Pix.

Google Lens Parallels

Pix is very strange for Microsoft in that it's exclusive to iOS. For obvious reasons, the company tends to focus on Android for its mobile products, or at least release on both. However, with recent announcements of Lens features, it's looking like a smart idea.

At its I/O conference this week, announced a number of features coming to Lens. The camera and AI vision will soon be able to convert and organize receipts. It will also be able to show users nearby restaurants and activities, show products to purchase with similar styles, and more.

As Lens will be built into a number of Android phones going forward, it would be very difficult for Microsoft to compete. It's possible Apple will catch up soon, but for now, Microsoft has the smartest camera on iOS, and today's features aid that further.