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Microsoft Enhances File Explorer with New Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 11

Microsoft updated Windows 11 with new keyboard shortcuts for File Explorer. These shortcuts let users quickly adjust column width


has recently updated with new keyboard shortcuts aimed at improving user interaction with . The addition of these shortcuts is part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to refine the operating system, ensuring it remains a versatile platform for both casual and professional users. Among the enhancements, two specific shortcuts have been introduced to adjust column width within File Explorer, a feature that promises to streamline file management tasks.

Streamlining Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts

The newly added shortcuts allow users to modify the column width in File Explorer quickly. Users can now decrease the column width using Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow and increase it with Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow. These shortcuts complement existing methods of column adjustment, providing a faster, keyboard-centric option for users who prefer not to rely solely on the mouse. For those seeking precision, Microsoft also offers the ability to set exact column widths in pixels via the “Width of selected column (in pixels)” box, facilitating meticulous adjustments to the user interface.

Ongoing Improvements and User-Centric Design

Microsoft's commitment to enhancing the Windows operating system is evident in these updates and the company's responsiveness to user feedback. While some updates, such as the introduction of a shortcut for launching LinkedIn, might cater to a niche audience, the continuous addition of functional shortcuts like those for File Explorer demonstrates Microsoft's dedication to improving productivity and user experience across the board. Moreover, the discovery of a new secret shortcut within Windows Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) underscores the depth of Microsoft's innovation, hinting at further developments hidden within the system's code.

In conclusion, Microsoft's latest update to Windows 11, specifically targeting File Explorer, underscores the company's focus on efficiency and user satisfaction. By introducing practical keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft not only enhances the functionality of Windows 11 but also reaffirms its position as a forward-thinking developer attentive to the needs of its diverse user base.

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