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Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 Accessibility with Voice Access and Revamped OOBE Experience

Microsoft has introduced a new voice access feature for Windows 11, allowing users to control their computers solely through voice commands.


has unveiled a new feature enabling users to control their computers solely through voice commands, even before logging in. This development is anticipated to enhance the overall user experience, catering to a broader spectrum of users. The integration of these features into the Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) screens signifies Microsoft's commitment to providing immediate access to accessibility tools, simplifying the initial setup process for users.

OOBE Enhancements for Personalized User Experience

BleepingComputer highlighted Microsoft's innovative approach to familiarize new users with 's features immediately after the initial setup, commonly referred to as the “Out of Box Experience” (OOBE). This revamped OOBE experience is currently under testing with a select group of Insiders in the Canary Channel. The primary aim is to facilitate a smoother transition for users into the operating system.

Upon initializing Windows 11, users might soon be greeted with the “Let's Customize Your Experience” page during OOBE. This feature allows users to specify their primary purpose for using the device. For instance, selecting the ‘Development Intent' will introduce users to the Dev Home, a platform tailored to assist developers with various tools and tasks. Conversely, those keen on a broader exploration of the operating system will be directed to the ‘Get Started' app, which acts as a comprehensive guide to Windows 11's new features.

Official Announcement Confirms New Features

In the official announcement from the Windows Insider Blog, Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc confirmed the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25936 to the . The post emphasized the introduction of several new post-OOBE experiences.

Depending on the user's selection during OOBE, different experiences will be launched automatically post-setup. For example, choosing the ‘Development Intent' will either launch the Dev Home or the Get Started app, which provides a tailored walkthrough of Dev Home. Additionally, users opting for the ‘Restore' option during OOBE will be introduced to the ‘Get Started' app upon their second login. This app offers a customized journey, highlighting essential apps and settings, and guiding users on accessing restored apps via the Start menu or taskbar.

The primary objective behind these enhancements is to provide users with a more personalized and educational experience. Microsoft envisions these features to not only streamline device setup for new users but also to acquaint them with the myriad offerings of Windows 11.

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