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Tesla’s Optimus Robot Showcases Autonomous Object Sorting Capabilities

Recent footage shows Tesla's Optimus precisely sorting colored blocks into matching trays, demonstrating its adaptability.

Microsoft Project AirSim Takes Flight As AI Training Tool for Autonomous Aircraft

Microsoft’s Project AirSim is arriving in limited preview. The solution uses Azure-powered AI training models on autonomous aircraft.

Microsoft and LG Announce Azure-Powered Autonomous Vehicle Collaboration

LG says it will use Microsoft’s Azure and AI tech to enhance its various in-car autonomous and infotainment solutions.

Microsoft Launches AirSim Autonomous Vehicle Platform on Unity

AirSim is a highly realistic simulation environment for testing autonomous vehicles. The platform is not available on the Unity engine.

Microsoft Azure Enables Electric, Autonomous Bus in Germany

The e.GO mover uses Microsoft Azure to power its safe and smart driving in traffic, with the ultimate goal of eliminating city center traffic entirely. The bus will debut in three German cities next year.
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Microsoft Cuts Ties with Clients Using AI Bot Technology to Build Autonomous Weapons

Microsoft has distanced its AI Bot research from helping to build weapons of war. The company says its AI solutions will be ethical and are designed to enhance human life.

Apple Gets on Board Autonomous Technology with Employee Shuttle Service

The first real-world use of Apple’s self-driving technology will be implemented at the Apple Park campus, allowing employees to move around the vast complex in autonomous vehicles.

Microsoft Teams with Baidu on Apollo Autonomous Vehicle Platform

Microsoft says it will help Baidu by bringing global scale to the open Apollo platform through Azure. The companies will also work on furthering development in autonomous vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence Research Results in Autonomous Drones

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, almost any drone can become fully autonomous and can create 3D maps from the air.

Intel Acquires Autonomous Vehicle Company Mobileye for $15.3 Billion

Intel has announced an acquisition of Mobileye to accelerate innovation for in-car systems and autonomous tech. The companies have been collaborating since last year and Mobileye will now serve as Intel’s autonomous vehicle division.

Microsoft Research Open Sources Platform for Training AI to be More Autonomous

Microsoft Research has opened documentation for the Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform to developers and researchers. The platform contains a simulator to train AI to differentiate and anticipate, and a software library for simpler coding.
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Microsoft Showcasing Autonomous Vehicle Technology at CES 2017

Autonomous technology is a focus for Microsoft at CES. The company, with its partners, is showing how vehicles can communicate with each and be safer.
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HERE and Mobileye Announce Collaboration to Further Autonomous Vehicle Mapping Capabilities

The newly announced partnership will see HERE maps service adopted by Mobileye, while the latter’s Roadbook and REM technology will be used for HERE’s HD Live Map system.
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Microsoft Will Not Build Autonomous Vehicle, Favors Software Approach

The company has no ambition to build an autonomous vehicle but is hugely interested in supplying platforms and services for in-car systems.

OpenAI’s Q* Becomes Strawberry Project, Aiming to Advance AI Reasoning

OpenAI is embarking on a notable AI research venture known internally as "Strawberry." According to insights from sources and documents examined by Reuters, this...

Cloudflare DNS Outage Traced to BGP Hijacking Incident

An outage affecting Cloudflare's DNS resolver service stemmed from a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijack paired with a route leak. The issue disrupted...

NVIDIA’s AI Chip Revenue in China to Hit $12 Billion Despite US Restrictions

Despite facing stern US export restrictions, NVIDIA is forecasting $12 billion in revenue from AI chip sales in China for this year. The data...
ChatGPT Voice Assistant

OpenAI Delays ChatGPT Advanced Voice Mode Due to Safety Concerns

The voice assistant might not be available to all ChatGPT Plus users until the fall, depending on the results of internal safety and reliability checks.
SIUO Benchmark for Multimodal AI Safety Testing sample official

Study: Multimodal AI Models Produce Unsafe Output From Mixed Input

The blend of multiple data types in multimodal AI makes it challenging to predict and manage outputs, posing new risks in sensitive areas.

Amazon Bedrock Enhances AI Capabilities with Claude 3.5 Sonnet

Amazon has enhanced its Bedrock service by incorporating Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Anthropic's newest large language model. With this integration, developers gain access to more...

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