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OpenAI Set to Unveil New and Improved GPT-5 Model for ChatGPT

OpenAI plans a summer release of GPT-5, its next-gen AI model expected to be a major leap for its ChatGPT tool.


is reportedly ready to release the next iteration of its model, GPT-5, expected to significantly enhance the capabilities of its flagship tool, . According to sources found by Business Insider, the release is scheduled for the mid-year, potentially during the summer. This announcement comes as the latest major update since the introduction of GPT-4, which, despite its advancements, faced performance challenges.

Enhancements and Expectations

GPT-5 promises to be “materially better,” as described by a CEO who had an early look at the new version tailored to his company's data and use cases. OpenAI has demonstrated the model's advanced capabilities, hinting at new features, including the ability for AI agents to autonomously perform tasks. However, the exact release date remains uncertain as OpenAI continues the model's training and safety testing. This rigorous process includes internal evaluations and “red teaming” to identify and address potential issues before public availability.

Revenue Streams and Model Reliability

OpenAI relies heavily on sales to enterprise customers, offering an enhanced version of ChatGPT as its main revenue source. The introduction of , and later GPT-4 Turbo, aimed to address issues of model “laziness” and improve response accuracy and speed. However, user feedback on platforms like Reddit has highlighted concerns over the degradation of GPT-4's performance. With GPT-5, OpenAI aims to restore confidence in the model's reliability and impress both the public and enterprise clients. The company, along with others in the tech industry, continues to navigate the complexities of using copyrighted training data for AI models, advocating for lenient federal regulations on access and usage.

Speaking on the Lex Fridman podcast this week, OpenAI CEO says he does not know when GPT-5 will launch. However, he says the company is planning to launch an “amazing model” this year, but it may not be GPT-5. That model may be Q*, but Altman suggests that it is not the general intelligence breakthrough reports suggest. 

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