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Microsoft Unveils New Edge Search Bar for Windows 11: Integration and Features Explained

Microsoft added an Edge Search bar directly to the Windows 11 desktop for easier web searches.


has unveiled an update to the operating system: the integration of the Microsoft Edge Search bar directly onto the desktop. This feature aims to provide users with a streamlined method for internet searches, leveraging their default search engine without the need to open a browser window. The search bar in Microsoft Edge is designed to enhance productivity and offer convenience by allowing searches directly from the desktop environment.

Enhanced User Experience and Flexibility

 Users can activate this feature by navigating to the “More tools” menu within 's settings. Once enabled, the Edge Search bar can be launched automatically upon startup, ensuring immediate access to search capabilities. Importantly, this update emphasizes flexibility, allowing users to select their preferred search engine as the default. While Bing is the standard option, users have the liberty to switch to Google Search or other engines. However, it's noteworthy that changing the default search engine to will disable the Copilot feature, a decision reflecting the competitive landscape of internet services.

Technical Details and Considerations

To utilize the new Edge Search bar, users must ensure their Microsoft Edge browser is up to date. Activation is straightforward: simply select “Launch Edge search bar” from the “More tools” section in Edge's settings. The search bar can also be accessed through a quick keyboard shortcut, Win + Shift + F, further enhancing its accessibility. Despite the option to set a different default search engine, it's important to note that search results will be displayed in Microsoft Edge, underscoring the integrated nature of Microsoft's ecosystem. This design choice highlights Microsoft's strategy to encourage the use of its browser, even as it provides options to customize search engine preferences.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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