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Twitch Returns to Microsoft’s Xbox Dashboard

Twitch is once again available as an integration on Xbox dashboard after an absence of a few years, allowing in-game streaming.


Since the launch of the Xbox One back in 2012, has often envisioned its games console as something more. The company even tried to position the platform as a desktop box. Of course, that largely failed during the launch of the Xbox One and the new is very much a gaming machine first.

However, we still see that Microsoft wants Xbox to serve has an entertainment hub for users. So, the more apps and services available through the Xbox Dashboard, the better for Microsoft's vision. That means it is good news all-round that Twitch streaming is now coming back to the Xbox dashboard.

You may remember Twitch was first made available on the dashboard for the Xbox One in 2014. It then disappeared from the dashboard, although the Twitch app remained. Now, the service is once again becoming available for streaming directly on the dashboard

Currently limited to the Alpha and Skip-Ahead rings for Xbox Insiders, the integration allows users to control Twitch streams and view them on the dashboard. This includes volume, party audio, viewer lists, streaming times, and more over the top of games you are playing. Think of it as screen-on-screen for Twitch. Users can stream up to 1080p.

GeForce Now Integration

Earlier this week, Microsoft Edge on Xbox Series X brought Nvidia's GeForce Now to the platform.

Currently the feature is in beta thanks to an update to GeForce Now. As well as bringing PC games to Xbox, there are the benefits of cloud gaming. For example, having access to a catalog of games without needing to purchase them individually. Of course, all resources are handled in the cloud.

One area where the PC game on console movement is gathering pace is one Xbox. Not least because Microsoft has allowed mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That means players can get the true PC gaming experience on their console.

Tip of the day: Headsets are a vital tool for communication and can cause stressful moments when they don´t work as planned. In our tutorial we are showing you how to properly set up a headset on your Windows 10 PC so this will be a thing of the past.

Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:18 pm CET

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