Microsoft Edge is gaining a major new addition in the form of Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud game streaming platform. According to Nvidia, Xbox players can now stream Steam PC games on their console.

GeForce Now got off to a shaky start, including Microsoft Game Studios joined other giants in removing their games from the platform. Still, there are over 1,000 PC games on the service, which Xbox users can now access through Microsoft Edge.

Currently the feature is in beta thanks to an update to GeForce Now. As well as bringing PC games to Xbox, there are the benefits of cloud gaming. For example, having access to a catalog of games without needing to purchase them individually. Of course, all resources are handled in the cloud.

One area where the PC game on console movement is gathering pace is one Xbox. Not least because Microsoft has allowed mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That means players can get the true PC gaming experience on their console.

Cloud Gaming

Microsoft started paving the way towards this by launching Edge on Xbox last month. This meant cloud gaming became available on the consoles for the first time. However, GeForce Now was not included at the time.

Priority access to GeForce servers, 6-hour sessions, and RTX capabilities costs just $5 a month.

Of course, Microsoft also has its own Xbox Cloud Gaming. Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available in 26 countries following a recent expansion to Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. Users can access the platform through a subscription with Xbox Game Pass.

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