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Nvidia GeForce Now Loses Backing from Microsoft Game Studios and Other Publishers

Nvidia GeForce Now has faced problems with publishers since launching in March. Now, Microsoft Game Studios is leaving the platform.


Earlier this year, announced and launched GeForce Now, a cloud service that sought to compete with 's Project xCloud. However, the beta of the service has not gone well and it seems GeForce Now may not be viable long term. This week, more major developers departed the service.

Costing $4.99 per month, GeForce Now has been in development for years. When Nvidia launched the service in February, it cam with some interesting features, such as 6-hour sessions, and RTX capabilities.

While it looked as though the platform would compete with xCloud and Stadia, that's looking less likely. Indeed, GeForce Now has faced problems from the start. The most problematic has been major game studios pulling the plug on the platform.

In March, Bethseda, Activation, and 2K Games, each giants of the industry, removed their games. Now, more major players have decided to take their games from the service. Specifically, Warner Bros, Klei Entertainment, Codemasters, and Microsoft Game Studios removed their titles.

Building a Catalog

All games from those publishers will be removed from April 24. Despite confirming the departures, Nvidia remained bullish about the platform's chances long term.

“We're transitioning as many games to GeForce NOW as possible over this time. For those leaving, we'll give gamers as much notice as possible,” the company says. “We hope they'll return in the future.”

The company also points out 30 of the 40 most-played games on Steam are available to GeForce Now subscribers. Nvidia says it is tying up deals to bring 1,500 titles to the platform in the coming months.

Those games will be provided by the likes of Epic, Bungie, Ubisoft, and Bandai Namco, who are still on board.

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